Weekender sailboat - SUNBEAM WATERSPORTS

The concept of the Austrian boat builder Sunbeam is weekenders or daysailers plus. Sunbeam does not build touring boats, but neither does it build pure daysailers. The company builds boats with which you can set sail on Friday afternoon, spend a great weekend on them and return home on Sunday with a smile on your face.

designer yacht trailerable low water depth
Andreas Schoechl Managing Director Sunbeam Yachts

Unmistakable design of the sailing boats

Sunbeam attaches great importance to the external appearance. The claim is that a Sunbeam should be immediately recognizable on the water. To achieve this, the company has been working with an industrial designer for several years. This has enabled it to stand out from the crowd. At boot 2024 in Düsseldorf, Sunbeam will be presenting its latest offspring - the Sunbeam 29.1 in a very special color, aquamarine green. The boat builder is looking forward to many visitors and great feedback on this boat.

daysailer plus deck covering resysta
Sunbeam design yacht swing keel
Sunbeam 29 1 sailboat aquamarine green

Great features for more flexibility when sailing

The Sunbeam 29.1 focuses very strongly on flexibility: with a width of 2.50 m, it can be trailered, it has a swivel keel, which means that it also stands low in the trailer. The low center of gravity makes it easy to tow on the car. Water depths and mooring problems are also easier to manage with a swing keel.

Sunbeam 29 1 weekender pantry module retrofitted upgradeable
weekend sailer design interior

Sailboat concept: flexibility and modularity in the interior too

The theme of flexibility and modularity is also continued in the interior, where various interior modules can be selected as modular options, such as the pantry module or wet cell module. The special thing about this is that these modules can also be retrofitted. If you say to yourself when buying a boat that you're just going to get started and sail around for one or two seasons without a fridge and galley with sink etc., but then realize that it would be great to have these modules, you can easily retrofit them. The boat doesn't even have to be taken to the boatyard. The local dealer can do this for you.

designer sailer low depth saloon
electric engine solar panel energy self sufficient sailing

Sustainable boat design - electric motor, solar panels and alternative to teak wood

Sunbeam boats are equipped with electric motors as standard. Diesel engines are available as an option, but all boats are electrified as standard. Teak has not been used for decks for over a year and is no longer offered. A corresponding alternative called Resister, which consists of rice husks and mineral salts, is on offer. Sunbeam has had very good experience with this alternative, which has been in use for more than 6 years, which is also underpinned by the positive feedback from customers. Solar modules can also be installed as an option to make the Sunbeam almost energy self-sufficient. Prices for the Sunbeam 29.1 start at 124,900 euros excluding VAT, while the Sunbeam 32.1 starts at 219,900 excluding VAT.