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Saffier Yachts is a manufacturer of first-class small sailing yachts. The company builds 160 boats a year with a focus on small sailing yachts suitable for day and weekend cruising. The range extends from 6.5 m to 8 m and up to 37 m. The 37-meter boat can be viewed at the boot 2024 trade fair stand in Düsseldorf.

Saffier Elegance SE 37 Lounge daysailing
Kay Heemskerk Salesmanager Saffier Maritiem

Boats in both classic and modern styles

The company builds boats in both classic and modern styles, such as our SE-Line, which epitomizes the elegance of Saffier. Saffier Yachts has exciting news for boot 2024: there is a new flagship - the Saphir SL46 MED. The company has focused on small sailing yachts for over 25 years, but has now taken a big step up with a length of 46 feet. This 46-foot length offers an extremely large cockpit and luxurious interior. This means that Seffier Yachts boats can no longer just be used for short trips, the SL46 MED is also ideal for long sailing trips lasting several weeks.

Saffier Maritiem daysailor elegance line boot 2024
Saffier Elegance SE 37 spacious cockpit sailing comfort

Boot offers an elegant, clean look with modern, black details

All of the company's boat models have been upgraded. New hardware, new winch buttons, black color scheme in many details, the use of German tarpaulins on and in the boat. The large tarpaulins go through the boom. Overall, the flared model exudes an extremely clean look. The trend is moving more and more towards black hardware on the boats, and towards grey or muted colors on the exterior and interior.

Saffier SE 37 Lounge Salon
Saffier Maritiem SE 37 galley coffee corner daysailor
sailing ship interior toilet

Model SE24 light nominated for European Yacht of the Year

Saffier Yachts was nominated for European Yacht of the Year with the SE24 light model. The SE24 light is the smallest boat in the range of small sailing yachts in the SE Saphir Elegance collection. It is an electric boat powered by solar panels. There were 7 nominations in the small sailing yacht category. Saffier Yachts was nominated for the special category. A tough competition with 7 nominations in this category. The decision will be made during the Flagship Night on the first evening of boot in Düsseldorf, which runs from February 20 to 28, 2024.

Saffier Maritiem black sailing boat
Saffier SL46 MED big cockpit luxury
Saffier SC 8M sailing yacht