News and videos about the boot 2024 Dusseldorf

Sailing stands for vacation, sport and unique nature experiences on the water. But you need the right sailing boat to make it an unforgettable adventure and not a disappointment. It's less about good sailing boats and bad sailing boats and more about how you want to use it. For short day trips or a round-the-world trip. Messe.TV was at boot and introduces you to providers of day cruisers, sailing yachts and much more. Enjoy our videos about boot 2024 in Dusseldorf!

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Modern boat design simple, elegant and with black elements

In addition to the functional aspects of a sailing yacht, the design of the boat is of course also of great importance to the boat owner. There are quite a few people for whom a sailing yacht is like a second home. Naturally, you also want the ambience to be right. The current models rely on a discreet, simple design with many black details, which have been making their way into the automotive industry for some time now.