Sailing yachts by Hallberg-Rassy

At the Hallberg Rassy stand, the Hallberg Rassy 69 welcomes us to Düsseldorf as the largest sailing boat of the entire boot 2024. It is the largest and grandest boat ever built by the company in its 80 years of existence.

Hallberg Rassy 69 feet single handed pushbuttonsailing hydraulic winches carbon mast
Jonas Zelleroth Head of Sales Hallberg Rassy Varvs AB

Sailing yacht model 69 from Hallberg-Rassy also suitable for single-handed sailing

At 69 feet, the Hallberg Rassy 69 is a long boat. It has long endurance for the waterline. It is interesting to note that despite its length of 69 feet, it allows full sailing at the push of a button. This was the reason why it was time to build a boat of this size. Hallberg Rassy did not want to give up the concept of handling a boat single-handed or with a small family crew. There is push-button control for everything, hydraulic winches, bow and stern thrusters, so that even from the side deck or upper deck you can control with the joystick and even more the boat itself. It's a boat that the owner can handle himself if he wants to.

Hallberg Rassy World Premiere boot 2024
Hallberg Rassy one level interior galley
Hallberg Rassy sailing yacht sleeping cabin bathroom

Impressive figures for a boat of this size

The boat offers enough space to install a skipper's cabin. But the idea behind it is still to sail and handle the boat yourself. In addition, the Hallberg Rassy 69 has a large water capacity, a lot of visibility, a very impressive range with the main engine, a powerful water preparation that allows 450 liters every hour, a powerful diesel engine, 11 lithium-ion batteries and more. That's a lot of impressive numbers for a boat of this size.

classy boat ready to sail away Hallberg Rassy
Hallberg Rassy 69 wooden cockpit clean deck

Sailing yacht models from Hallberg-Rassy are easy to handle

On the foredeck you can see that it is a typical Hallberg Rassy model, the deck is clean - there is nothing to see, it is easy to go around. The boat was fitted with a mast for the exhibition stand, the boat is also offered with a carbon furling mast, a very cool feature. This carbon mast saves hundreds of kilograms of weight up to the desired height. That makes a good boat even better. It throws less, it rolls less, you can reef later in fresher winds. All parts of the mast are made of carbon, including the rudder and boom, and you always have a mast lift under the foot of the mast.

Hallberg Rassy 69 hull portlights a lot of view natural light

Sailing away for just under 6 million euros

The Hallberg Rassy 69 is a boat ready to sail away. Watered and delivered in its entirety, it costs just under 6 million euros including VAT.