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Christian, head of Bente Yachts based on Lake Constance, will be presenting the Bente 24, 28 and 39 yacht range at the boot 24 trade fair stand. All of the boat builder's boats are very performance-oriented and can be sailed very fast as well as planing.

Bente Yachts glide with the sailor
Christian Strand Head of BENTE Yachts

"Sail different" is the promise in the construction and design of the sailing yachts

The construction and design office is Judel/Vrolijk, with whom Bente has been working successfully for many years. The Bente Yachts homepage says #stay different. The boats offer lots of air, lots of space, lots of light. The boats are all single-handed ex-shipyard and all have headroom. The Bente 28, which was launched in 2023, will also be back at the trade fair. Some of the interior details have been adapted and it has a very modern design with lots of black elements. The interior can be customized on request. A Bente 39 is also under construction again, which has a very performance-oriented look with black elements in the interior.

BENTE28 cockpit sailboat
sailing ship single handed
Bente28 yachting sailing qualities

Prices for sailing and living comfort at Bente Yachts

Bente yachts have their price. The range starts at around 60 to 65,000 euros and rises to around 350,000 euros for the Bente 39. In between, the Bente 28 brings the two worlds together, not only in terms of price, but also in terms of sailing and living comfort. The model ranges from 165 to 170,000 euros plus/minus.

cruising yacht lots of daylight below deck
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BENTE28 sailing yacht storage space customizable design

Sailing yachts from Bente Yachts are characterized by plenty of air, space and light

Bente differs from other sailing boats in many ways. All boats have headroom, including the very small Bente 24 and the Bente 28. All boats can planing, sail very fast and reach speeds in the double-digit knots in windy conditions. These characteristics essentially make the difference to many other sailing boats on the market. Bente sailing yachts are characterized by lots of air, lots of space and lots of light. You can also lie and sit comfortably in the cockpit.

Bente24 cruising boat with standing height
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