Customized daysailers by Leonardo Yachts

Presentation of the daysailer Eagle 38

Rachel Boersma from boat builder Leonardo Yachts is presenting the Eagle 38 at boot 2024. The portfolio includes other models such as the Eagle 44, 46 and 54, and this time the Eagle 38 will be presented. Of course, the traditional classic lines stand out from modern boat designs. However, the classic lines are also equipped with all available modern technology, such as the plastic teak deck, modern equipment for navigation and contemporary materials. The lower hull also has a modern design. The hull shape is classic, everything else is very modern.

Eagle underwater elegance design
Rachel Boersma General Manager Leonardo Yachts

Sailboat for comfortable, easy single-handed sailing

The customer base ranges from younger to older people. The advantage of the daysailer is that it can be sailed completely single-handed. A crew of six family and friends can spend a great day at sea. All winches can be controlled electronically and it is very easy to adjust the sails at the touch of a button. This makes sailing as comfortable as it is easy. Leonardo Yachts has a very broad base line.

Eagle Leonardo Yachts cockpit fully handed single position
permateek decking Leonardo Yachts
Eagle 38 daysailer boot 2024

Classic boot line with modern technology

The Eagle 38 is actually a daysailer. There is a cabin for sleeping, a refrigerator and a toilet. Of course, the daysailer is limited in terms of space, and the cockpit remains the announced place. Single-handed sailing can be described as one of the boat's major highlights. Everything can be controlled from the steering position, so you don't have to leave the cockpit, as everything leads into the cockpit. The space there offers room for friends and family. The daysailer runs on a standard Volvo diesel engine, but can also be equipped with an electric motor. The Eagle 38 daysailer really does have a classic look, combined with all modern technology. That is what makes this sailing boat from Leonardo Yachts so special.

luxury sails meet cutting edge
Eagle sailing yacht refrigerator toilet limited space
Eagle 38 daysailer faucet

A yacht easy to sail but very sporty and fast

The model presents itself as a yacht for a gentleman. It is comfortable, easy to sail, yet very sporty and a fast sailor. Leonardo Yachts hopes that many visitors to boot 2024 will take a closer look at the boat.

customised classic sailing yacht modern technology
comfortable spacious sailboat
Eagle 38 cockpit modern navigation equipment