Sailboat made of plywood and epoxy resin - RM YACHTS

RM Yachts builds boats from plywood. This unusual construction method does not reveal from the outside that it is a wooden boat. Everything above deck is made of wood, a unique process. The company comes from France, where the small shipyard builds 30 boats a year.

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Cesar Dohy Sales Manager RM Yachts

Boats never really wet - no condensation collects inside either

RM Yachts will be exhibiting the 1380 model at boot 2024 in Düsseldorf. This shows that wood is a very interesting solution for insulation, as it is very dry. Boats traveling all over the world appreciate it because it never really gets wet and no condensation accumulates inside the boat. RM Yachts boats can be found all over the continents - in icy regions and also under the sun, which speaks for the special properties of wood.

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Model 1380 a fast family cruiser - Atlantic crossing in under two weeks

At 43 feet long, the Model 1380 is a fast family cruiser. Although not a racing boat, it can cross the Atlantic very quickly in less than two weeks. A family can live on it for one, two or even five years, and the equipment allows you to do everything you need yourself. This means, for example, that you can produce your own energy and water on board. This means you can stay in the boat without having to call on outside help.

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Boat with wood in the interior offers an incomparable lighting atmosphere

The keel is another unique feature of the boat. It can be fitted with a lifting keel, a bilge keel system or a single keel. The wood used in the interior gives the boat an incomparable atmosphere of light. Many windows allow you to feel the space and light inside the boat, creating an incomparable overall feeling.

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