Sailboat performance cruiser - DRAGONFLY 40

Dragonfly builds high-performance trimarans of the highest quality for cruising purposes. The trimarans can be folded, so they do not take up much space at the berth in the harbor.

Dragonfly 40C carbon boat 20 knots
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Dragonfly 28 modern special edition with black elements

At boot 2024, Dragonfly will be presenting the Dragonfly 28 model, a special edition from its boat portfolio. It stands out from the rest of the range with a number of black details. For example, all hatches such as the windows are framed in black, and the pulpits and pulpits are also matt black. This modern style is currently particularly evident on vehicles, and Dragonfly is now bringing this trend to the boat and therefore to the water.

fast sailing trimaran boot 2024
sailing with high speed lightweight design
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Carbon Edition Dragonfly 40 sailboat 1 ton lighter

The boat builder will be presenting another innovation at boot 2024 with a carbon edition of the Dragonfly 40. Customer demand for lighter boats prompted the company to take this step. The carbon version saves around one ton of boat weight. The carbon parts are on the floats, the wings are made of carbon, as are the main bulkheads and the hull of the center board. The standard boat without carbon weighs 6.5 tons, whereas the version with carbon weighs only 5.5 tons.

Dragonfly 40C high quality sailboat seat galley
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Fast carbon sailing boat: reach and maintain 20 knots faster

The lighter weight allows for more agile sailing - it is not more maneuverable, but more lively. At 20 knots, which the standard fiberglass version can do, it is certainly a fast boat too. The advantage of the carbon version, however, is that the speed of 20 knots can be reached more quickly and this speed can be maintained more easily.

Dragonfly steering position sailboat
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Dragonfly lighter carbon boat speedboat

Trimaran with easy handling and high average speed

Dragonfly wants to reach customers who enjoy sailing. The trimaran is predestined for every sailor: it is easy to handle and, as it only creates a very shallow waterway even at high speed, it is wonderful for cruising. The Dragonfly boats with carbon content not only reach their top speed very quickly, they generally achieve a very high average speed and can even be sailed single-handed.

trimaran foldable mast support space saving at the harbor
Dragonfly 28 Performance sailboat black painted pushpit