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Solaris Yachts sind Spezialisten für Segelyachten auf höchster Qualitätsstufe. Die Produktionswerft steht für soliden Yachtbau in der Verbindung mit High-Tech. Wir lassen uns zeigen, welche Neuheiten der Yachtbauer auf der boot 2024 vorstellt.

Solaris high performance longterm cruising yacht
Ben Vaes German and European Sales Manager Solaris Yachts

Solaris Yachts baut Highperformance Cruising Yachts

The Sales Manager of the Italian boat builder Solaris Yachts for Germany, Ben Vaes, is looking forward to celebrating the company's 50th anniversary at boot 2024. The Solaris 50, Solaris 60 and Solaris 64 models will be on display at the stand. These are high-performance cruising yachts. What makes them special is that they are easy to handle, suitable for long-term cruising and the boat's performance can be achieved very easily without having to work hard for it.

Solaris Yacht broad cockpit safe comfortable arrangement
full width steering wheel ease of handling boat
high performance cruising boat

Sailing yacht handling: one person is enough for all operations

If you look at the special cockpit arrangement of this yacht, you will notice that the control unit is quite far to the side and there are no winches or cables on deck, so you can walk across the boat very safely. All cables remain in the central winch of the control unit. This means that a single person can carry out all the necessary handling for the boat, such as setting and hoisting the sails.

longterm sailing yacht saloon boot 2024
Solaris Yacht broad safe cockpit design

Weekend tour or big cruise - Solaris Yachts offers suitable models

Solaris Yachts' customer base consists of private sailors who often sail with the whole family. This may only be a weekend trip, but most customers go on long voyages during their vacation or cruise across the Atlantic to the Caribbean or even further. The price range for Solaris yachts starts at around 600,000 euros plus VAT for 44 to 46-foot yachts and goes up to 22 million for a 111-foot yacht - a wide range. However, Mr. Vaes names the brand new Solaris 50, which is priced at around 1.3 million euros, as the best-selling boat.

long distance cruising sailboat galley
Solaris Yacht cabin double bed