Forming technology - SCHULER PRESSEN

Schuler builds presses, mainly for the automotive industry and its suppliers. At Blechexpo 2023 in Stuttgart, we will be showing another business segment: Schuler Software with digital solutions for forming technology.

The Schuler company from Göppingen has been in existence since 1839. Today, Schuler Group GmbH builds presses, mainly for the automotive and supplier industry. Hoods, doors for vehicles, but also structural parts for vehicle interiors are manufactured on Schuler machines, as are coins, furniture fittings, battery and cell housings, electrical sheets for motors and much more.

manufacturing automotive industry with Schuler presses
Simon Scherrenbacher Head of Corporate Communications Schuler Group

Digital Suite software package: all digital solutions for forming technology included

In addition to the construction of presses, the company's portfolio now also includes software developed in-house. The so-called Digital Suite contains all digital solutions for forming technology in one package. Mr. Simon Scherrenbacher, Schuler Group GmbH, explains the impressive display at Blechexpo 2023. Solutions highlighted in blue stand for machine vision, i.e. optical inspection systems such as vqi (vision quality inspection) or the highly successful visual die protection. A touch opens the screen, which shows a camera-based system for tool monitoring. The system is automatically stopped if foreign matter is detected. This works faster than any human access could.

Digital Suite digital solutions for forming technology Schuler
Simon Scherrenbacher explains process safety Schuler Group

Schuler offers solutions for digital transformation

For Schuler as a machine manufacturer, software development was initially uncharted territory. However, the first solutions were already launched on the market in 2016. Many of these have already been installed with Smart Press Shop, a joint venture between Schuler and Porsche in Halle.

seamless production monitoring from coil to finished product Blechexpo
optical control systems in the production process digital transformation Schuler
digitalization in the forming plant tool monitoring

In the interview, Mr. Scherrenbacher discusses the transformations currently taking place throughout the industry. Schuler has already developed many solutions for the digital transformation. On the subject of sustainability, he refers to electromobility. For this sector, the company offers both machines for the production of motors and battery housings as well as complete battery production lines, including their contents. Schuler can also already provide solutions for the production of fuel cells for hydrogen drives.