Mechanical engineering: innovative deburring machine - ARKU

ARKU mechanical engineering is the world market leader for sheet metal straightening machines. We will be shown an innovative deburring machine at Blechexpo 2023.

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Global market leader for sheet metal straightening machines

Global market leader for sheet metal straightening machines, leading manufacturer of deburring machines and 3rd generation family business from Baden-Baden - that is ARKU mechanical engineering. The production site for all machines has been located in Baden-Baden for over 100 years, from where they are exported all over the world. To summarize, ARKU ensures the best sheet metal quality for its customers. Contract straightening work is offered both at the Baden-Baden site and at the international locations. Customers can send parts, which are then also produced in larger quantities on a contract basis. Deburring machines can also be inspected at the production sites.

EdgeBreaker settings burr material thickness
deburring machine for punched and laser parts ARKU

Deburring machine especially for laser parts

A deburring machine specifically for laser parts will be on show at Blechexpo 2023. Every laser part has a burr after cutting. This is cleaned up and the edges are rounded for higher product quality. On the one hand, a sheet metal part treated in this way prevents unnecessary injuries, and on the other, it is easier to install and paints or coatings hold better.

sheet quality improvement deburring edge rounding
laser part deburring finish sheet metal expo 2023
rotor rounded punched part ARKU

Laser machine adjusts itself in principle

In principle, the laser machine on display sets itself. This means that it no longer needs to be fed with vast amounts of parameters, it is sufficient to tell the machine which part is involved. What is needed is information on the burr, material or thickness and what is to be achieved. For example, whether a lot or a little rounding, whether surface grinding etc. is required. The machine automatically adjusts to this and delivers the finished part. This operation is easy for the customer to understand. A specialist can handle it very quickly. Users of the deburring machine for lasers from ARKU naturally appreciate this special feature.