Grinding and deburring systems - WEBER

Weber is a family business. At Blechexpo 2023, the mechanical engineering company will mainly be showcasing products from the grinding and deburring systems sector - automation plays an important role here.

Juergen Mueller Weber mechanical engineering Blechexpo 2023
Juergen Mueller sales and distribution Hans Weber machine factory

The Weber family business is now in its 4th generation and is located in Upper Franconia in Northern Bavaria. The company has 4 divisions: 1. sanding and deburring systems for wood and metal, 2. plastics exclusion and corresponding machines for the exclusion of window profiles, pipe material in the plastics sector, etc., resulting in 3. a division for 3D printers, which print 3D parts using exclusion technology and 4. automation technology, in which parts loading and unloading as well as palletizing and filling of mesh boxes is offered. This portfolio offers customers as much as possible from a single source.

TNA 300 Deburring machine four axis Robot Weber mechanical engineering company
TS2 60 SCARA robot arm automation technology

Brush deburring machine model Weber TNA 300

The exhibition model, a Weber TNA 300 brush deburring machine, is specially designed for mass-produced, fineblanked parts. It is mostly used for parts from the automotive industry such as clutch plates, springs, etc. The parts coming from the press are first brushed on one side while rotating in the machine. The robotic system then guides the parts back onto the part turner so that the reverse side can be processed.

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parts turner automatic robotics

Weber offers a complete package for high-quality mechanical engineering

At Blechexpo 2023, Weber will be drawing attention to its high-quality mechanical engineering, which sets it apart from the competition. Weber machines are built in-house from A to Z, from the frame to the gearwheel, and offer customers a complete package including automation technology, robotics, loading and unloading systems, software systems and production control. The customer should be able to obtain everything from a single source. This is why Weber also offers its customers process development before the machine is purchased.

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sanding systems for wood and metal Weber