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Industrial marking is a core competence of REA Elektronik, based near Darmstadt. At Blechexpo 2023, Mr. Michael Neuschäfer will highlight the leading market position for non-contact marking, in which the company specializes, at the REA Elektronik GmbH stand. The printing of aluminum surfaces, steel, etc. is the profession of REA Elektronik GmbH.

industrial coding solution labeling printing for steel aluminum REA electronics
Michael Neuschaefer managing director REA Electronics

Combining high-performance lubricants with state-of-the-art technology

At the company site in Mühltal with its 400 employees, 8 product lines are developed, a large proportion of which are used worldwide in the steel and sheet metal processing industry. A cooperation with the company LBI oil free GmbH makes it possible to place lubricants effectively and precisely by combining high-performance lubricants with the latest technology. In this way, they can be controlled and digitally tracked.

Johannes Luelsdorf managing director lbi oilfree
control device touchscreen operation print resolution Lbi

High-resolution system and block-on-demand system

Mr. Johannes Lülsdorf from LBI explains the two systems used on site at the trade fair stand. The first is a high-resolution system and the second is a so-called block-on-demand system, which is suitable for smaller resolutions. More lubricants can be applied with the block-on-demand system than with the high-resolution system. Both systems are fully digitally controllable, which makes it possible to precisely track the unit costs per component.

oil free lubricants printed accurately without mist
Best Award punching technology Blechexpo 2023

Print head with small micro nozzles - no fog or aerosol formation

Various control units are available for control. Mr. Lülsdorf shows the conventional version and the latest version with touchscreen operation directly on the device. Each control head can be operated with each version. The tank supply is easy to handle, either conventionally by filling in the lubricant or by cartridge, which already contains the lubricant. The conventional print head has small micro-nozzles of various sizes on the underside. A drop is shot out of them 2000 times/sec. This produces neither mist nor aerosol formation, so no suction is necessary - printing can begin immediately. Any pattern can be applied to the carrier plate from any position within seconds.

operation oil printer Lbi
high performance lubricants metal processing small parts industry lbi oilfree
micro pressure head for lubricants Blechexpo

The company took second place in the punching technology category at Blechexpo for its innovative development. The positive response from trade fair visitors speaks for the success of this technology.