2D and 3D measurement technology - INSPECVISION

The company InspecVision specializes in 2D and 3D measurement technology. The highlight at Blechexpo 2023 is a combined system that can measure both 2D and 3D parts.

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2D measurement technology for sheet metal processing - 3D measurement technology for bent, welded assemblies

2D and 3D measurement technology is the profession of InspecVision. This is what the Northern Ireland-based company specializes in. 2D measurement technology is used in sheet metal processing, but not exclusively; 3D measurement technology is used for bent, welded assemblies. Of course, other objects can also be measured in 3D.

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Combination system that can measure both 2D and 3D parts

As a trade fair highlight, InspecVision is presenting a combination system that can measure both 2D and 3D parts. The 3D parts are captured by a rotating table and a scanner for measuring. After the measurement, the entire table can be pulled back to obtain a surface for measuring 2D. The 2D measurement works by means of LED surfaces illuminated from below and a camera installed at the top. When the light is switched on, the camera takes a picture of the components and software converts the contours of the components into measurement data.

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InspecVision is constantly striving to optimize the software and to automate the measuring process smoothly so that the measuring process is as contactless as possible.

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