Forming lubricants - RAZIOL

Founded 80 years ago, the family-owned company Raziol from Iserlohn in the Sauerland region of Germany specializes in lubricants for forming and the application technology for these lubricants. This technology is used wherever forming is required, for example by automotive suppliers or in the household goods industry.

Karl Bednarek technical management Raziol
Raziol booth Blechexpo 2023

Brush cleaning system: Cleaning solid particles from prefabricated blanks

Mr. Karl Bednarek from Raziol Zibulla & Sohn GmbH explains how the machines from Raziol work at the company stand at Belchexpo 2023. He will be demonstrating a brush cleaning system in which prefabricated blanks are cleaned of solid particles before being placed in the spray chamber. This system is integrated into the overall control concept in conjunction with the filling system. This minimizes interfaces, and the cleaning technology used has proven itself in the automotive sector and its suppliers, not least because of its ease of maintenance. The components are easily accessible.

cleaning unit lubricants Raziol
Raziol cleaning system easy to operate and maintain
handheld simple operation Raziol
cleaning of blanks before lubrication
brush cleaning system cleanliness in industrial production

Automatic crash detection so that deformed circuit boards do not cause any damage

Mr. Bednarek demonstrates the display of individual elements on the control unit display, showing whether individual parts need to be replaced. If the machine is in work mode, it automatically moves to the set blank geometry. Furthermore, automatic crash detection ensures that deformed blanks do not cause any damage. In this case, the brushes move apart immediately and the machine stops.

micro cleaning material cleaning integrated control concept cleaning system
blank cleaning and lubrication system for the automotive industry