Affordable luxury in exquisite quality - that's what the DiamondGroup wants to offer its customers. We like to take a look at that. We were also announced a real highlight at the stand. Presenter Jenny Dettner visits the DiamondGroup at Inhorgenta Munich 2016 and finds out what it's all about for Messe.TV.

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A diamond is a girl's best friend - this phrase never goes out of fashion and I now have the pleasure of visiting the DiamondGroup. I'm going to make a lot of best friends! Jenny Dettner: Hello Mrs. Schmidt. I am particularly pleased to be here today with so many great stones. This is an absolute highlight for us women. What have you prepared for us here? Anke Schmidt: We have a solitaire display case here, which is for the jeweler, so to speak, what he needs in his day-to-day business. We have lots of different rings here, so we have something for every budget. Of course, we women like to go for the biggest ones. Jenny Dettner: Wow. Anke Schmidt: This is a model where the diamond is shown to its best advantage and of course makes every woman dream. Jenny Dettner: Yes, that's also a beautiful stone and what material do we have here? Anke Schmidt: We only use 18 carat gold for the solitaire and our diamonds are top Wesselton, Wesselton vsi to swi, which we set and that should of course spark a beautiful white fire.

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Jenny Dettner: Yes, that's a really great fire. And what kind of setting is it that makes the diamond shine like this? Anke Schmidt: We call it the crab setting, it doesn't enclose the stone, and for me it's the most beautiful way to set a diamond. Jenny Dettner: Yes, it's really beautiful. You have matching necklaces and earrings. So if you want to treat yourself to some real luxury, you can get the complete range. Anke Schmidt: Yes, you can build up. You start at some point and then later there's the necklace, the earrings and yes, it's the classic here, so to speak. At some point, we women also fancy something different, something new, and at the moment we have some really great bracelets that we have in very different variations, so we'll take a look at them now! Jenny Dettner: Yes, I'd love to, then I'd say let's take a look right away. Both change jewelry stands Jenny Dettner: It really makes a woman's heart beat faster. A great collection. Anke Schmidt: A huge selection of bracelets, whatever your heart desires. I also have different models on today (shows her bracelets) Jenny Dettner: This is really very pretty. One in yellow gold, one in white gold. Anke Schmidt: And the nice thing about the bracelets is that you can simply slip them over your wrist. Very comfortable.

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Jenny Dettner: Would you say that these ribbons are absolutely on trend? Anke Schmidt: Absolutely, we have lots of different versions here. I'll just pick out one. Jenny Dettner tries on the bracelet Anke Schmidt: Yes, you always want to try it on. It looks great, you can combine it perfectly with the watch, even with other jewelry. They've really come up with something. Jenny Dettner: And also with our leather straps Jenny Dettner: Yes, there's that combination again - I've seen it several times at the trade fair - that you combine the diamonds with the leather. Anke Schmidt: Very sporty. Jenny Dettner: Tell me, what is your target group? Who are you addressing? Young adults, or can a woman over 50 also easily wear it? Anke Schmidt: Both. I wouldn't say it's only for young girls. It's something you can combine very well with watches, even with a tennis bracelet. There is a really large selection with different colors, even with colored stones, to match your outfit for spring. Jenny Dettner: There is definitely something for every woman. We're going from one highlight to the next, but you've prepared another absolute highlight for us! Anke Schmidt: Our sushi bar, let's go there now! Running sushi with jewelry at Inhorgenta Jewelry boxes move on a conveyor belt through the room filled with people Jenny Dettner: Wow! This is a special kind of sushi. All I can say is diamond running. It's incredible what you offer your customers here. Anke Schmidt: Diamonds all the time, right? You always have to offer your customers something new. That's quite pleasant, isn't it? It's nice to sit here, the diamonds run past you, you can let yourself be inspired every now and then, take a look at something that you wouldn't otherwise discover in the variety of goods.

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Jewelry on the sushi belt - Inhorgenta Munich

Jenny Dettner: What would you say is this range now? Is it a classic, or is it part of your standard range? Anke Schmidt: We have a lot of new products here on the sushi belt, so everything that we recommend to our customers. Jenny Dettner: Wow! If you take a look at it, I'm an absolute gold fan. It's super beautiful here. You have often mixed colored stones with diamonds. Is that your philosophy? Anke Schmidt: Our customers expect it, let's put it that way. As the name suggests, the DiamondGroup, we are at home with diamonds, but at some point you want something different. Above all, you want to combine it to match your outfit and then the colored stone comes into play. We have really great new bracelets here, which are currently the absolute highlight in combination with leather. Jenny Dettner: Is this the new trend, so to speak, combining diamonds with leather? Anke Schmidt: Absolutely. Leather and a diamond clasp makes the whole thing easy. Jenny Dettner: Oh Ms. Schmidt, I'd love to spend hours looking at the diamonds, I'm absolutely in love with the little stones, but I'd say we've earned a glass of champagne now and we're going for a drink! Anke Schmidt: That's what we're going to do! Let's enjoy it!