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Messe.TV also met Annemarie Carpendale at Inhorgenta 2016 in Munich. What are her preferences when it comes to jewelry and what is particularly important to her? Find out now with our presenter Jenny Dettner!

Annemarie Carpendale with Jenny Dettner
Inhorgenta presenter Annemarie Carpendale

TV presenter Annemarie Carpendale

Jenny Dettner: Annemarie, nice of you to take the time. What brings you to Inhorgenta? Annemarie Carpendale: Beautiful jewelry, like every woman, right? It can't hurt to have a look at what's on offer, even if you already have jewelry. Jenny Dettner: What was your highlight today? Annemarie Carpendale: Definitely the finale of the fashion show just now - a big star line-up, I didn't expect that at all, I didn't do any research and was therefore completely blown away by who all came. Yes, great, impressive pieces of jewelry - I'm already gathering inspiration for the Oscar that's coming up for me soon. Jenny Dettner: What type of jewelry are you? Do you wear a lot of jewelry or little jewelry? Annemarie Carpendale: Little, but all jewelry that means something to me. Apart from the wedding ring - that's where it starts - my girls once made me a bracelet and it has all their initials in it, I think that's great if it means something or reminds you of a certain event. Well, I'm not one for bling, that's not really my thing, I'm not even wearing my engagement ring today, for example, because I'm wearing so much smaller jewelry today. It doesn't always have to be big, bigger and biggest. I think you're also wearing something very delicate. I think that's beautiful too!

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Jenny Dettner: Thank you very much for that. Where are you going tonight? Annemarie Carpendale: Yes, we're all going to the P1 party tonight, aren't we? Are you going too? Jenny Dettner: We'll have to see, but I think so. Annemarie Carpendale: That's the after-show party of this wonderful event here, I was told. Jenny Dettner: In any case, I wish you a lot of fun and thank you very much for the interview. Annemarie Carpendale: Thank you! Bye bye. Official Facebook page Annemarie Carpendale:

Annemarie Carpendale Interview
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