Our Messe.TV film team led by presenter Klas Bömecke was out and about at Inhorgenta 2016 in Munich - as always on the lookout for new and interesting products. Suddenly he was standing in front of a stand with knot jewelry. Knot jewelry? Let's take a closer look...

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Martina Tornow Knotenschmuck Inhorgenta Munich Trade Fair

Knotenschmuck. What is behind it?

My name is Martina Tornow. I am the designer and owner of Knotenschmuck. Yes, knot jewelry is a design jewelry that has resulted from a completely goldsmith development. From unique pieces, from knots that were different every time, I have developed a series that has now been on the market for five years and speaks for itself. So I don't have to say much about it. A knot conveys a lot of beautiful content that everyone has to find for themselves. You don't need to tell them anything. The first series was called Jumbled-up - jumbled up, these were very tangled pieces and the knot was then the simple summary. The knot is actually the concentrate of the many pieces of jewelry that preceded it. The simple concentrate.

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Jewelry made from knots

I used to live on the North Sea. I like knots and have always liked them. But that's not really a background. In fact, people who have something maritime in their background are more willing to wear a knot. They are actually quicker to choose a knot as a gift because they are close to it - simply because of the water. Yes, of course I have lots of knot books and lots of knot models in my drawer, but they haven't gone into production yet. The knot keeps me busy. There are actually knots that become a problem or tangles. For me, it is more the symbol of a clear statement to tie something. You tie your shoelaces every day. You tie a knot and there's nothing negative about that. It's when it gets tangled that it becomes difficult. And my knots are more about spreading this positive idea that a knot is something very stable. It can also be untied - if you think about relationships now.

Martina Tornow Knotenschmuck
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Rings with knots

There are also rings - they have a knot but you can still open them again. You also have to work to ensure that a knot holds. But first of all, it offers you a hold and a certain stability and a statement. That's very nice because it really appeals to everyone. I have a very young audience who like it - sometimes it's too expensive for them, but they grow with me. They sometimes come a few years later or give it to them as a gift. For example, I have a lot of young men who give a heart to their girlfriend for the first time. And then they also get a discount from me. Often from their first salary, or at that time they were still civilians, they put their first money into a knotted heart and I thought that was nice. The knotted heart actually developed automatically from the knot. So I didn't plan it either. I never really wanted to make hearts because I'm not the heart type. And the heart practically gave itself to me from the knot. And I realized - because it came so naturally and it's not so overly kitschy - it's not an ornate heart, it doesn't have any romance in it - it just clearly says: there's the knot, we feel connected but love is also involved.

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