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Most people probably know Ralf Bauer as an actor - from many films, shows and series or through his commitment to the rights of Tibetans in Tibet and the countries in exile. In 2016, he is a star guest at Inhorgenta in Munich and talks to Messe.TV presenter Jenny Dettner about his personal relationship with jewelry. Why does black tea also become a key topic of conversation? See for yourself!

Jenny Dettner interviewed with Ralf Bauer
Celebrities at the Inhorgenta Munich

Ralf Bauer in a TV interview

Jenny Dettner: While we're on the subject of women - what kind of jewelry do you think a woman should wear? Ralf Bauer: Oh, it always has to fit the individual - you can't generalize at all. In your case, for example, beautiful - what is that - the little diamond. Jenny Dettner: Yes, that's a diamond (smiles). Ralf Bauer: (wipes his forehead) Phew, lucky. Diamond fits perfectly. Jenny Dettner: Thank you very much. Ralf Bauer: If I'd had to choose something for you now - in this variety of all these pieces of jewelry - I wouldn't have had a clue.

Ralf Bauer Interview MesseTV
Ralf Bauer Munich Trade Fair

Jenny Dettner: Okay. At least an honest statement. Have you already found a piece of jewelry for your wife? Ralf Bauer: Excuse me? (laughs) Jenny Dettner: (laughs) Okay - let's leave that aside then. Let's quickly change the subject and ask you - what highlight have you already seen here today? Ralf Bauer: At the trade fair? Jenny Dettner: Yes! Ralf Bauer: Um. Do we have to be completely serious - or can we also... Jenny Dettner: We can also be funny. Ralf Bauer: Yes, okay. So I'm a tea drinker at the moment because it's Lent and I was looking for a normal black tea. There's only Earl Grey here at the fair. Until I found a stand in Hall C2 that also had an Assam tea - because that really got me going again.

Ralf Bauer in conversation with Jenny Dettner
Actor Ralf Bauer

Jenny Dettner: I see - definitely a good statement. I hope you have a lot of fun at Inhorgenta! Have a great evening and maybe you'll find one or two pieces of jewelry that suit you. Ralf Bauer: Yes, let's have a look. I've already seen something. The last big, expensive piece of jewelry I lost - it was a hand chain, a bit thicker with curb links, a bit more masculine - I lost it in Frankfurt in the hotel or on the way to the hotel or on the way from the hotel to the airport, I have no idea anymore... In any case, the hotel didn't find it anymore and the man who makes this chain - I found him over there in Hall C - where they also have the black tea - I met him again and I really liked it. I would buy it again. But the stupid thing is that I always lose everything... I always lose jewelry! Jenny Dettner: Yes, but you were lucky because you found the manufacturer again. Ralf Bauer: But that costs money again. But I'm making him happy again. Jenny Dettner: That's right. Everyone is happy - I hope you are too. Take care! Have a nice evening, thank you! Official website of actor Ralf Bauer: