Interview Stefanie Mändlein project manager Inhorgenta

For a trade fair like Inhorgenta 2016 in Munich to be successful, it takes a lot of planning and energy. We are therefore delighted that Stefanie Mändlein - Project Manager of Inhorgenta Munich 2016 - is taking the time to talk to us on the first day of the fair. As you can imagine, the first day of the international jewelry and watch fair is packed with appointments. Find out more in the interview between Messe.TV presenter Jenny Dettner and Inhorgenta project manager Stefanie Mändlein.

Stefanie Maendlein in interview with Jenny Dettner
Stefanie Maendlein Munich Trade Fair Inhorgenta

TV interview with Stefanie Mändlein, Project Manager of Inhorgenta Munich

Jenny Dettner: What does a first day at the fair look like for you? Stefanie Mändlein: Yes, a first day at the fair. It's a very exciting day for me because we've been working towards Inhorgenta Munich for a long time - it takes place in Munich every year and so the first day of the trade fair involves a lot of appointments. It starts in the morning with the main press conference. It continues with the advisory board lunch. Then, of course, with lots of appointments on site - for new customers, for returning customers. An exchange with the industry, press, exhibitors and visitors. Jenny Dettner: Wow tight schedule. Stefanie Mändlein: Yes, it is tight. It's always on until the evening - but it's the first day. The other days are slowly becoming a bit more relaxed. Jenny Dettner: What do you think is so special about Inhorgenta? Stefanie Mändlein: Yes, I put my heart and soul into Inhorgenta. That's why it's a very special trade fair for me. We have many trade fairs at Messe München and Inhorgenta is the most beautiful trade fair for me. Simply because of the products, of course. I mean, women's hearts beat faster when they see diamonds, pearls and jewelry. And of course the stand constructions. The exhibitors put a lot of effort into the stands and everything has a beautiful and special flair. That's actually what Inhorgenta Munich is all about and we simply have a wide spectrum at Inhorgenta Munich. It's a trade fair for explorers and we have the theme of watches, the theme of fine jewelry, the theme of lifestyle, the theme of carats with stones, pearls, diamonds, the theme of design - that's a long-standing USP (editor's note: unique selling proposition) - of Inhorgenta. Jenny Dettner: What do you have to watch out for as a trade fair manager, especially in the watch and jewelry sector? Stefanie Mändlein: That's a legitimate question. Inhorgenta Munich and the jewelry and watch sector in particular is a very special industry. That means it's important to know your way around. In other words, to know the sensitivities and sensitivities and what I personally like very much is that you are constantly in personal contact with the exhibitors, partners and visitors from the watch and jewelry industry. Trends at Inhorgenta Munich 2016 Jenny Dettner: I can imagine that very well. And what do you think are the dominant trends at the trade fair and what is the mood like among the exhibitors? Stefanie Mändlein: Well, what we have created this year - Trends 2016. We have a trend forum in Hall C2 - you have to take a look at it and stop by. There we simply present the latest trends from the world of jewelry. Also with three large 3D magazines. A limited edition of a What's next magazine with 3D pop-up installations. It really shows the shapes, materials and colors that are currently available for 2016 in jewelry. Otherwise, in terms of trends from the manufacturers, it's actually from the world of wedding rings to the topic of smart watches - this is also a megatrend right now, which we are of course also picking up on.

Project Manager Inhorgenta Stefanie Maendlein
Inhorgenta jewelry and watch fair

Jenny Dettner: How suitable is Munich as a location for Inhorgenta? Stefanie Mändlein: Munich is, as always, the world city par excellence for me. I love Munich. Munich has a great infrastructure and Messe München is of course also a very good location with excellent connections. Munich is a cosmopolitan city, which means that you can really reach it by all means of transportation, plane, train and so it is very easy for visitors and exhibitors to reach Munich and always worth a trip. Jenny Dettner: Now we women love jewelry. What personal connection do you have to the subject? Stefanie Mändlein: Very much, because I am also a woman. That means I wear jewelry, including watches, for the right occasion. We also go out a lot with fashion - you also have a nice outfit on - that also means the right jewelry. And so I also adapt to the occasions. This means that in the evening I tend to wear fine jewelry. Then during the day I combine it with different fashions. So the full mix. Jenny Dettner: Great. How can I imagine a trade fair organization like this? Stefanie Mändlein: Well, we're not just on site - of course there are also a few processes and rules in-house, at Messe München, which we also have to clarify on site, but basically it's a big and important issue for me not to sit at my desk but to be on site. That means going out, visiting other trade fairs, visiting the visitor exhibitors on site and simply being in constant communication. That's where you make a difference. When you're outside and not at your desk. Jenny Dettner: That sounds very varied - has this always been your dream job? Stefanie Mändlein: I gained my first experience at Messe München during my studies. I was a hostess at various events. Expo Real was one of them, ITMA was one of them, bauma was one of them. There were various trade fairs that I looked after as a hostess and I got to know the flair of these different sectors, which made Messe München a super interesting topic for me. And Inhorgenta, of course, even more so because of the products, the variety and the industry. Jenny Dettner: How do you feel when the trade fair has been a success? Stefanie Mändlein: I am very happy when it has been a success. I'm relieved and simply happy to work with the exhibitors and our partners, and of course I start working on new concepts for Inhorgenta Munich 2017 immediately afterwards. Jenny Dettner: Then I sincerely hope that the trade fair is a success - but I'm not worried about that at all. Thank you very much for the nice interview. Stefanie Mändlein: Thank you for coming! Jenny Dettner: Thank you. Stefanie Mändlein: And have fun at the trade fair. See you soon!