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Rings are actually indispensable for many occasions in life. Lovers, engaged couples and bridal couples therefore usually choose their engagement ring or wedding ring with great care. Messelick.TV presenter Jenny Dettner finds out from Mr. Cil, Managing Director of Cilor, which materials and designs are currently in vogue. Cilor wedding rings offers a special tool so that everyone can find something that suits their ideas and taste.

Cilor Ring Configurator
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Configurator for wedding rings

Jenny Dettner: It already sparkles beautifully here. You make a wide variety of wedding rings - including a modular system. What's that all about? Johannes Cil: It's our modular system, better known as the wedding ring configurator in Live. It's practically every jeweler's secret weapon. And with this wedding ring configurator, the jeweler can basically design over 1000 models for the end consumer and create them according to their wishes. This means you choose a certain ring and add a matt finish. You choose a certain alloy. You can choose a certain stone setting or decorate the ring with certain cuts. Jenny Dettner: Wow, it's like a car. Where you choose - do I want the leather interior, which rims do I want? And all that with rings. That's sensational, of course. But what does it look like technically? Do you sit in front of a PC or how does it work? Johannes Cil: Of course, the jeweler sits together with the happy wedding ring couple and designs the ring with them - live on the PC and, of course, live on site. This means that the customer can basically choose a ring (Johannes Cil grabs two rings from the configurator and puts them together) and say I would like to combine a wide yellow gold ring with a narrow white gold ring - which is also shown live on the PC. You can visualize it better if you can put it on your ring finger and that's why this combination of PC and configurator box.

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Wedding ring configurator - rings are made individually

Jenny Dettner: And you then use the data to manufacture the wedding rings individually? Johannes Cil: Exactly, in our modern CNC center we manufacture each ring according to the customer's wishes. Jenny Dettner: Wow, that's a great thing. How long does it take from the time I create it on the PC until you can deliver it to the end customer? Johannes Cil: It usually takes two to three weeks and then each ring is finished as it is designed. Jenny Dettner: Tell me - which material sells the most? Johannes Cil: Well, the trend is naturally more towards white gold or platinum and palladium - these are the white metals that are currently in high demand. But a combination with rose gold is also very popular, as are classic rings. We are simply noticing that the 80's are back. Back in the 80s, classic styles were often worn and this is slowly coming back. We're noticing this and that's why we've also incorporated a lot of classics into the configuration box. Jenny Dettner: Now I am also someone who loves classic jewelry. What would you recommend to me now - which setting should I choose? I see you have a cut here, a channel set diamond. What is the classic model? Johannes Cil: Well, a classic model is a simple ring with a single stone setting or with a stone setting that looks slightly different, like our galaxy sky, for example. This is a classic red gold ring. There are lots of stones on it - and they sparkle accordingly. Jenny Dettner: How are they set now - what kind of setting is it? Johannes Cil: They are rubbed and the special indentations also emphasize this word galaxy - there are more stars, distant stars, so there are not stones everywhere. Unlike the starry sky - there you only see stars on the ring - it would look like this (gives Jenny Dettner the ring to look at) Jenny Dettner: Very nice. If you have a woman who is a little more delicate - which ring would you recommend? Rather a thinner version? Johannes Cil: For example, we would choose a smooth ring in 4 millimeters (Johannes Cil picks up a simple gold ring). Where to match - if you like stones and perhaps two-tone (takes a narrower, silver ring set with stones) and we simply configure a ring from this (puts both rings together). You could design something like that. And women who are a little more petite like that - I'll say that now.

Cilor Custom Configure Your Wedding Rings
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Jenny Dettner: Do you then make two rings - or is it just one ring? Johannes Cil: No - it's one ring. It is made using a special process. This means that the rings are placed on top of each other and heat welds the rings together, making them inseparable. Jenny Dettner: How many carats does a ring like this have? Johannes Cil: We manufacture in many different alloys. It depends on the customer whether it should be 14 carat or 18 carat - or platinum with 18 carat. It is of course a question of price, where the customer says, for example, that they have a budget of €1000. Jenny Dettner: And you can still offer people rings in this segment? Johannes Cil: Exactly. Of course, you can also vary the thickness of the ring - which is also an advantage because you don't use a lot of material to make the ring - you only use as much as the customer wants. Jenny Dettner: These are the wedding rings now! What about engagement rings or rings for Valentine's Day? Johannes Cil: Of course we also have them in our range - we have them right over there. We can go straight over there and have a look at them. Jenny Dettner: Great! Yes, I can't wait to see the stones. Johannes Cil: Yes, we haven't just thought about our wedding couples - but also about those who are falling in love or getting engaged. This is our small collection - it includes proposal rings with a small stone, which is more for lovers. Or with a medium-sized stone for fiancées - or with a giant sparkler for those who want to get married (smiles). Jenny Dettner: Of course I like it best. The bigger the better! How many carats does a stone like this have? Johannes Cil: This stone has half a carat. Jenny Dettner: And if I lose it - what happens then? Johannes Cil: Then you're actually out of luck. But of course you can have the same ring made again - that's an advantage. And if you are a regular customer at one of the jewelers - where you bought the ring - you will certainly get a good discount.

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Jenny Dettner: What do the poor men have to pay for a ring like this if they want to give us women something so beautiful? Johannes Cil: Yes, of course it depends on the quality of the stone. If we take an average quality - which is in high demand - then a ring like this will cost around €1,500. Jenny Dettner: Do you also do private labels, i.e. do you deliver the jewelry elsewhere and someone else can put their brand on it? Johannes Cil: We do that for our customers. Some customers say they want to have their own in-house collection. Then we no longer engrave and laser our label on the displays and rings, but the customer's label. Jenny Dettner: Perhaps we could briefly summarize this once again: What distinguishes your wedding rings from, for example, wedding rings from Tiffany or Cartier etc.? Johannes Cil: In our case, we can customize each ring individually. That means you can play with the colors, play with the stones, rework the ring the way you want it, which is something that conventional manufacturers don't often have in their portfolio. Jenny Dettner: I've learned a lot today. Thank you very much Mr. Cil and good business. Johannes Cil: Thank you.