Interview Klaus Dittrich Managing Director Munich Trade Fair

Messe München provides a first-class infrastructure for trade fairs and is therefore home to many important trade fair events - including Inhorgenta Munich 2016. Messe.TV presenter Jenny Dettner talks to Klaus Dittrich, Chairman and CEO of Messe München, about trends at the Inhorgenta jewelry and watch fair and what the term "trade fair virus" is all about.

Klaus Dittrich Managing Director Munich Trade Fair
Klaus Dittrich Inhorgenta

TV interview with Klaus Dittrich, Managing Director of Munich Trade Fair

Jenny Dettner: Mr. Dittrich, thank you for your time. What are the dominant trends at Inhorgenta 2016? Klaus Dittrich: Firstly, of course, there are lots of new watches and jewelry to see. What I find exciting is what's happening in the watch sector with smart watches with activity trackers and so on. There are a lot of touches with jewelry and watches and of course - digitalization is also on the move in this industry. In other words, how can we combine the Internet and bricks-and-mortar retail in jewelry stores to achieve even more together? Jenny Dettner: Do you believe that the Internet will one day be able to replace a trade fair? Klaus Dittrich: I am firmly convinced that it won't because the Internet cannot replace personal communication, seeing each other and talking to each other. You also have to have jewelry and watches in your hand. But the Internet is an important medium before and after the trade fair. To get information. To communicate and ultimately to advertise the trade fair for us. It's a marketing tool. But it is not a substitute.

CEO Trade Fair Munich Klaus Dittrich Interview
Inhorgenta fashion show Nadja Auermann

Jenny Dettner: You once spoke of a trade fair virus. What did you mean by that? Klaus Dittrich: Trade fair virus means you work for a year, sometimes two or three years, towards the first day - like today at Inhorgenta. And then it's 9 o'clock in the morning and the doors open. Everything should be perfectly prepared, and usually everything is perfectly prepared. And then it's three to four days, the industry is gathered, there are lots of innovations, you can see what will change the world tomorrow. And then it's over. And you go to the next trade fair and you have the same feeling. It really is a virus. Jenny Dettner: I can well understand that. Tell me, is Inhorgenta a trade fair where your wife comes to visit you? Klaus Dittrich: She's right behind me here. She loves coming along. But she's away at a construction machinery trade fair, but of course she already has many, many stands here where her eyes light up, her eyes shine and the desire is also recognizable that I should also get involved here a little at the next opportunity. Jenny Dettner: Thank you very much, Mr. Dittrich, and I hope you have a lot of fun at P1! Klaus Dittrich: Thank you very much.