LEGO City + LEGO Duplo Novelties 2016

Messe.TV dives into the world of LEGO at the Spielwarenmesse 2016. LEGO City with a volcano expedition and everything that goes with it, a fire department world and many other realistic scenarios. Presenter Klas Bömecke also takes a close look at LEGO Duplo, a version that is also suitable for small children.

Fire brigade fighting force LEGO
Klas Boemecke booth LEGO

LEGO City – Police + fire department

It almost goes without saying that Lego has a large and impressive stand at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. There is a tour of the various theme worlds here. And it doesn't start with the fantasy area, but with reality.

Fire brigade truck
Fire brigade helicopter LEGO

Here the children can learn what police officers do on water, on land and in the air. Then there is also a fire department world.

Police boat from LEGO
Police helicopter from LEGO
Police ship toy

LEGO City – Volcano Expedition

And this is this year's highlight in the City area: a real volcano expedition. With a helicopter, special vehicles and excavators. Children can live out their urge to explore:

Volcano Expedition Excavator LEGO City
Volcano Expedition LEGO

LEGO City – Baby play figure

This is quite a gimmick in this area - because Lego has a miniature premiere to offer in 2016, namely a play figure that represents a baby for the first time. This has never been seen before. The baby is about half a centimeter tall, but with good feeding it might grow.

Toyworld LEGO City
LEGO Toy Fair Nuremberg

LEGO Duplo for toddlers

And of course Lego traditionally also has something for real babies or very small children. It's called Duplo and I'm sure everyone knows it. Duplo is becoming more and more diverse with its numerous animals. And the characteristic thing about Duplo is that these plug-in systems are twice or even three times as big as Lego. This means that you can enter the world of Lego from the age of 2.

Waterworld LEGO DUPLO