Jazwares Toys - Plush Chewbacca + Robot Dog

What are the trends at the Spielwarenmesse 2016 in Nuremberg? Messe.TV presenter Klas Bömecke visits the Jazwares stand - because the exhibitor has a large product range and is also presenting a lot of new toys at this year's toy fair. Klas Bömecke can't avoid one topic at this stand either.

Plush Chewbacca from Jazwares
Toy robot with artificial intelligence Jazwares

Jazwares Star Wars functional plush Chewbacca

Klas Bömecke: Star Wars is a must in every child's room at the moment, isn't it? Jazwares employee: Not at the moment - definitely not! Klas Bömecke: What toys do you have? Jazwares employee: We have Star Wars functional plush toys and entertainment electronics. Klas Bömecke: Functional plush? I only know functional clothing! Jazwares employee: Functional plush is - everything that does something and is plush.

Plush Animal Chewbacca Jazwares
Entertainment electronics Jazwares on the

Klas Bömecke: Comparable to my teddy bear from the past. When I moved it forwards or backwards, it would hum "möp". Jazwares employee: Nowadays, for example, they do something like this. Holds the Chewbacca Velboa up to the camera, it opens its mouth and roars Klas Bömecke: (looks unimpressed) He's not much more articulate than my old teddy bear. Jazwares employee: No, but Chewbacca can't speak any more either. So R2-D2 beeps, BB-8 beeps and the others speak what they can speak. Klas Bömecke: How do they beep? Klas presses the R2-D2 - it makes the most interesting beeping noises Klas Bömecke: That's very funny. It's fun for the children.

Toy R2 D2 Jazwares
Star Wars Alarm Watch Darth Vader

R2-D2 and Darth Vader from Jazwares

Jazwares employee: Yes, definitely. And it comes in all different sizes. Or if you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, you can put the Darth Vader clock radio next to your bed. The alarm clock growls and buzzes and makes explosive noises Klas Bömecke: Well, if you haven't had a nightmare before - at least you have a scary awakening. Jazwares employee: So you're awake afterwards! Klas Bömecke: I think so too (smiles). And these dogs have been around for quite a while in different generations? Jazwares employee: Not in this form and not in the same technological breadth. On the one hand, it has a lot of different technologies built in that allow it to recognize its user, for example to play with the ball. And secondly, it offers many different ways of interacting with the adult and the child.

MesseTV Interview Jazwares
Robot dog with chip

Jazwares robot dog CHIP

Klas Bömecke: But these dogs were the first robots for domestic use, right? Jazwares employee: Yes, Sony used to make the "Aibo", which I think cost €10,000 at the time. We've come a long way since then.