eBall 360° riding on the ball

"What is that? We have to go there" - that was the spontaneous reaction of our Messe.TV team led by presenter Klas Bömcke at the Spielwarenmesse 2016 in Nuremberg. And it is - the eBall, a vehicle that can be controlled as if by thought. But how exactly does it work? We find out for you.

eScooter 360 degree ball
MesseTV Interview eBall inventor Uli Sambeth

eBall – Balance Scooter

Klas Bömecke: To be honest, it doesn't look quite finished yet! Uli Sambeth: Um, yes! This is a prototype indeed. After two and a half years, these are our versions. We're not here to launch a product on the market, but to find a partner.

Self propelled e scooter eball

Klas Bömecke: So it's a ball that balances itself? Uli Sambeth: It's like a Segway but on a ball. You steer it with your feet, i.e. by shifting your weight. Klas Bömecke: Is that safe? Uli Sambeth: Nope. (Both laugh out loud) Yes, you balance freely on a ball. It also travels at a speed of 20 km/h. (grins mischievously) No, that's probably not safe. Klas Bömecke: And it doesn't have seat belts or airbags... Uli Sambeth: We're still working on handlebars - although you don't actually need them. Klas Bömecke: May I try it out? Uli Sambeth: The eBall has a gyroscope - it's basically like a spirit level. It measures how the ring tilts. And from this it controls the motors, which then keep the ball in balance. If the ring tilts to the right, for example, the eBall knows exactly where the ball needs to be in order to get back underneath it. Klas Bömecke: It balances itself - in principle, you don't have to do anything? Uli Sambeth: In principle, you don't have to do anything. You need courage, trust in God and a sense of humor.

Uli Sambeth eBall
Interview with Uli Sambeth inventor eBall

eBall 360° riding on the ball

Klas Bömecke: And good health insurance! All right, I'll start now! Uli Sambeth: Put your foot on one side - very comfortably. (Gyroscope indicates inclination by light - means the eBall has recognized the foot) And now place the second foot on top. (Inventor supports Klas) It has now also recognized the foot. Now the gyroscope is rotating - and now give the eBall a little tug to bring it into a horizontal position. Klas Bömecke: Oh! Uli Sambeth: Yes, then the eBall takes over.

Balance Scooter
eball 360 degree control by weight shifting

Klas Bömecke: (Rocks back and forth) Yes then he takes over, haha funny. I don't have the feeling that he's taking over yet. Uli Sambeth: Of course, that looks pretty good. (eBall starts to move) Wait, wait, wait, stop! No, no, no, no, no... Klas Bömecke: (sways on the device) It's a bit like a dance. It's a bit wobbly. Uli Sambeth: Push through. Stand nice and stiff! Klas Bömecke: And how do you turn? (Moves his shoulder to the right) Uli Sambeth: Exactly like this. And when you turn your upper body - the ball turns with it.

Klas Boemecke tests eball toys at the toys
Scooter prototype

Klas Bömecke: No. He doesn't! Uli Sambeth: Okay. For the first time. Klas Bömecke: I think it's a really great toy. Especially because it has a moment of danger. Farewell. End of the interview. Conclusion Klas Bömecke: That's really cool! It's a great toy, I really like it. Especially because you can lie on your nose with it.