Mo Systeme: Modulebox

Mo Systeme designs mobile spaces. The Berlin-based company's main product is the Modulbox system. A mobile room specially designed for the customer's needs. Mo Systeme is based in Berlin. The company was founded 15 years ago and has its roots in architecture. It is all about mobile spaces and the main product is the Modulbox system. The Modulbox system is a mobile box. The system is not based on a container, but the Modulbox is a specially designed space that is easy to transport. No truck, crane or forklift truck is required for transportation. A car or van is sufficient to transport the module box to a trade fair, event or other event. This makes things much easier. In addition, one person is usually enough to set up even large models of the modular box. Assembly times are very short at 30-45 minutes.

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The Modulebox can also be rented

Mo Systeme's products, in particular the Modulbox, sell for around 50,000 - 100,000 euros. What is special, however, is that you can rent the module box. This starts at around 5,000 euros per week. Mo Systeme takes back used boxes in order to rebuild them. With its products, the company aims to offer a more sustainable alternative to traditional exhibition stand construction.

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Mo Systems Modulebox
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