Aluvision exhibition stand construction system

The Aluvision trade fair system was born out of practical experience. The founders of the company were exhibition stand builders themselves and wanted a modular exhibition system that was flexible and reusable. The roots of Aluvision lie in exhibition stand construction. The two founders were stand builders themselves and wanted a modular stand construction system that could be optimally reused. Another requirement was that the stand system should offer many flexible options. As the two could not find anything suitable on the market, they decided to become active themselves and develop their own system.

Aluvision: Modular exhibition stand construction is more sustainable

That was the birth of Aluvision. The moment when we started to build a system profile made of aluminum. Because the issue with conventional exhibition stand construction, i.e. the use of wood or often chipboard that ends up in the bin after the exhibition, is not sustainable. And an aluminum system also makes much more sense in terms of costs in the long term because it is reusable.

LED Wall Aluvision Euroshop Dusseldorf
Norrdine Nouar Int Sales Manager Aluvision Euroshop 2020

High flexibility with Aluvision system

The reason why customers should choose Aluvision? The system manufacturer is convinced that it currently offers the best system on the market. Because it is lightweight and easy to install. It is also modular and often reusable. The modular structure offers a high degree of flexibility. Whether panels made of different materials, fabric panels, illuminated rear walls or the integration of LEDs - all this is possible with the Aluvision system.

Aluvision Euroshop 2020 Dusseldorf
Aluvision modular exhibition construction system
Aluprofile exhibition stand construction Aluvision Euroshop 2020
Modular exhibition system from Aluvision