Syma: Highlights

A highlight from system manufacturer Syma is the new glass balustrade. The new system solution offers a seamless installation of glass elements that is visually very appealing. You can see more innovations in the video.

Glass balustrade: Seamless installation of glass surfaces

A major highlight at Syma is the new glass balustrade, which is new to the range and will be on show at Euroshop 2020. A solution was developed to be able to install a seamless glass surface. The lower edge is covered in a visually appealing way. This design offers a very ambitious, but really very beautiful solution for a glass balustrade.

Syma seamless glass structure exhibition construction system
Syma We build Inspiration Euroshop 2020 Dusseldorf

X-Wall lighting with carpet of light

Another new feature is the continuous expansion. The existing products are always kept up to date with innovative extensions. This can be seen, for example, in the X-Wall from Syma. Not only is there the edge feed as before, it can now also be backlit with a carpet. This gives you the opportunity to create a beautiful ambience with the light. Illumination is possible without dark spots or other disturbances.

Syma modular exhibition stand construction system
Syma System X Wall LED Panel

Syma ceiling system: Improved optics

Another innovation is the ceiling from Syma System. A ceiling has been developed in which, in principle, you can no longer see any system application. It looks like shopfitting and the system character fades into the background.

Syma stands for the system concept

When an exhibitor buys a product, it is not uncommon for it to be used only once or a few times during stand construction. Syma's system concept focuses on the topic of our time: sustainability. The system can be used again and again and can be used for a long time. Syma's customers appreciate this approach.