Gilnhammer gilnhammer exhibition stand construction system

Wall systems in lightweight construction is the focus of the company Gilnhammer from Upper Bavaria. The wooden wall systems are particularly in demand in the trade fair and exhibition construction sector. Gilnhammer, a system manufacturer from Upper Bavaria, specializes in lightweight wall systems. These are wooden wall systems. The target group for the wall systems is primarily in the B2B sector, for example exhibition stand builders, town halls and museums. The special feature of the Gilnhammer wall system is lightweight construction in 40 mm or 20 mm wall thickness with a very sophisticated and high-quality connector technology. This enables the wall modules to be assembled very quickly and stably.

Exhibition stand Gilnhammer exhibition construction system Euroshop 2020
Gilnhammer exhibition construction system managing director Thomas Gilnhammer Euroshop 2020

Lightweight wall system in 40 mm or 20 mm wall thickness

This is a modular exhibition system. The wall system works with modules from 2.5 meters high by 1 meter wide up to a height of 4 meters in one piece.

Modular wall systems for exhibition construction
Assembly Gilnhammer exhibition wall system
Gilnhammer Wall system in lightweight construction Euroshop