Aluvision: Hi-LED 55+

The highlight of the new products from system manufacturer Aluvision at Euroshop 2020 is the Hi-LED 55+. A modular LED panel that can be customized as required. The Hi-LED 55+ is a real highlight among the new products from system manufacturer Aluvision at Euroshop 2020. It is an LED panel that is straight - a modular panel - that can be customized as required. If you want to build convex or concave shapes, for example, you can. 2D or 3D corners can also be realized with the LED panels. It is no longer necessary to have all possible special solutions in stock, but with the Hi-LED 55+ you have a panel and countless possibilities to use it according to your needs. Aluvision also won the iF Design Award this year for this.

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Backlit rear walls up to 5 meters high

Another new feature is backlit rear panels. There were some limitations in terms of height and size in general. Aluvision now offers new light modules that allow you to build 5 meters high and up to 30 meters in length. In terms of price, it can be said that 0.25 m² LED panels cost between 800 and 1,100 euros for a straight panel. This depends on the design, the accessories and the pixel pitch. The curved panel, which is applied to a silicone mat, is completely bendable and is available in a radius of 0.5 meters and 1.5 meters, you have to apply a factor of about 2.

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