Gilnhammer: Roombox

The Gilnhammer Roombox offers a little peace and quiet at the trade fair stand or in the office for meetings and discussions. The G40 exhibition system creates a pleasant atmosphere even in hectic environments. The wall system manufacturer Gilnhammer has developed a room-in-room system from the G40 Classic. The brand is called Roombox. The Roombox ultimately evolved from the requirements of customers who need meeting rooms that are acoustically insulated. The subject of acoustics was then examined very closely and the knowledge gained was incorporated into the Roombox. The room box has a very good sound level difference and also very good sound values within the box - with a modular design. This means that the box can be built large or small. Any floor plan is possible.

Euroshop 2020 Gilnhammer Raumbox Fair Dusseldorf
Room in Room System Roombox Gilnhammer

Room-in-room system for trade fairs or open-plan offices

Acoustic perception is very different. In a noisy environment such as at a trade fair, there is peace and quiet when you retreat into the Roombox. You then feel the peace and quiet and a sense of separation from the hustle and bustle of the trade fair. A typical application for the Roombox is also an open-plan office. Today, there are often "open space" office concepts. In some situations, it is simply pleasant to be able to withdraw to hold quiet or confidential discussions. This is possible with the Gilnhammer Roombox.

Roombox Room in Room Meeting Cabin
Gilnhammer G40 Classic modular roombox