Westfalia: Motorhome Columbus

With the Columbus motorhome, Udo Schauland from Westfalia Caravan is showing us a great motorhome with an electric pop-up roof at the Caravan Salon 2020 in Dusseldorf. A motorhome with which you can spontaneously go on vacation without booking a hotel. In Messe.TV we show you what the motorhome has to offer!

motorhome Columbus Westfalia Caravan Salon 2020 Dusseldorf
sleeping area motorhome Columbus Westfalia

Compact Columbus 540D motorhome with pop-top roof

Westfalia is exhibiting the Columbus 540D motorhome with pop-up roof at Caravan 2020 in Düsseldorf. A very compact motorhome with an overall length of 5.40 m, which almost corresponds to car dimensions. The vehicle can be used all year round, whether as a second or even a first vehicle.

pop up roof motorhome Columbus Westfalia
trade fair appearance Columbus Westfalia Caravan Salon Dusseldorf

Motorhome with extremely powerful solar panel

Mr. Udo Schauland shows the interior of the Columbus mobile home to the Messe.TV team at the stand. It has 4 fully-fledged seats, a rear transverse bed for two people and sleeping space for two more people under the roof. Westfalia has packed all the new features for 2020 into the Columbus vehicle. These include an electric pop-up roof, which is of course much more convenient to use than the usual manual opening and closing of pop-up roofs in panel vans. Westfalia has also addressed the increasing customer desire to be self-sufficient. Together with the Fraunhofer Institute, a special, extremely powerful solar panel has therefore been developed which continues to work even if a single cell is damaged.

bathroom Columbus Westfalia motorhome
shower Columbus Westfalia motorhome

The vehicle weight ranges from 3.5 tons gross vehicle weight up to 4 tons. Buyers must note that older driving license holders are allowed to drive up to 4 tons with their driving license, while younger customers are only allowed to drive up to 3.5 tons. Pricing depends on the configuration of the vehicle. The target group for the Columbus motorhome is wide-ranging. It ranges from the average family with two children to agile grandparents who want to set off on a vacation adventure with their grandchildren.

MesseTV report Columbus Westfalia Caravan Salon fair Dusseldorf
sitting area Columbus Westfalia motorhome