Trade fair in times of Corona, Caravan Salon 2020

The coronavirus pandemic and the associated restrictions have presented many companies with real challenges. Many trade fairs were canceled - the Caravan Salon 2020 in Düsseldorf was held with corresponding restrictions. We asked the exhibitors and it seems that the offer was well received by trade fair visitors.

caravan salon 2020 fair Dusseldorf during the corona pandemic
exhibitor voices during the corona pandemic fair

A very difficult year due to the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic and trade fairs in 2020 - a real challenge full of uncertainties and restrictions for everyone in the industry. Messe.TV was able to discuss this topic with some exhibitors at Caravan 2020. We summarize some of the voices from the exhibitors as examples: Mr. Clemens Schmidt from Hobby Caravan confirms the assessment that it was a very difficult year due to the uncertainty caused by the corona pandemic. The impact of the pandemic on the industry in terms of customer behavior and business development could not be estimated in advance. Participation in Caravan 2020 was not 100% clear until the very end. However, the decision to take part in the trade fair, should it take place, was made relatively quickly by the management. This was not least due to the long tradition that links Hobby Caravan with Messe Düsseldorf. In the current trade fair environment, this decision has proved to be absolutely right.

Companies want to support trade fair in difficult times

At Eila, Mr. Kenzo Hobnitt explains to us that there was no question of the company refusing to take part in Caravan Salon 2020. It was important for the company to support the trade fair in these difficult times. For Mr. Udo Schauland, Westfalia, emphasizes the aspect of direct customer contact, which is so important. Westfalia's concept meets the highest standards, which customers want to see and feel on site at the company's huge exhibition stand and, in particular, experience the feeling of space. In conclusion, Mr. Schauland believes that face-to-face trade fairs will remain indispensable in the future.