Caravan-Service Neuhaus: Caravan + motorcycle

The caravan that Caravan-Service Neuhaus is showing us at the Caravan Salon 2020 in Düsseldorf will really delight motorcycle enthusiasts. Because the Racing 300 caravan model offers the option of taking a motorcycle with you. The motorcycle can be transported in the caravan - so you have a mobile sleeping place and the opportunity for a motorcycle tour on vacation.

Racing 300 Caravan Service Neuhaus
MesseTV interview Mark Neuhaus owner Caravan Service Neuhaus 2020 fair Dusseldorf

Transport your motorcycle comfortably in your motorhome

Motorcycle fans can rejoice: they can finally transport their beloved motorcycle comfortably in their motorhome. This means that nothing stands in the way of a vacation in a motorhome and motorcycle tours from your home base. Until now, motorcycle vacations could only be combined with a trailer attached to a car and accommodation for the night. The Racing 300 model caravan from Caravan-Service Neuhaus revolutionizes the previous approach with this trade fair highlight. Motorcycles weighing up to 250 kg can be transported in this caravan without restricting the full functionality of the interior with toilet, shower, sleeping area, etc. Mr. Mark Neuhaus shows the Messe.TV team the equipment at Caravan 2020.

motorcycle racing 300 Caravan Service Neuhaus
Racing 300 ramp motorcycle transport Caravan Service Neuhaus

Lifting roof can be lowered to a height of less than 2 meters

At your destination, all you have to do is push the motorcycle out of the caravan and convert the inside a little. It takes barely 5 minutes to create a fully-fledged, walk-in caravan. The chassis differs from a car or a conventional caravan in that it is attached to the back of the car. This makes it cheaper to purchase, but does not affect the caravan's ability to stand freely without external power, i.e. to be self-sufficient. The Racing 300 model with all the accessories is only around 20,000 euros, and even the awning is included in this price. The vehicles from Caravan-Service Neuhaus have another special feature: the lifting roof can be lowered to a height of less than 2 meters. This is practical, as clearance heights of max. 2 m are increasingly common on parking lots, under bridges etc. when traveling. A normal caravan usually exceeds this limit. This makes it all the more pleasing for the owner of a Neuhaus caravan to gain greater flexibility when planning their trip with the lowerable lifting roof described above and also to not have to park their vehicle in front of parking lots. There are also no toll charges on French highways, for example, as the height of the vehicle is less than 2 meters.