Camping Adventure Papendick: Lifestyle Camper

When it comes to caravans, the bigger the better. But with the Lifestyle Camper, compactness is precisely the concept. Camping Adventure Papendick shows us the compact caravan at the Caravan Salon 2020 in Dusseldorf. It was actually expected that this caravan model would appeal more to a young target group such as surfers - but to our surprise, the 60+ age group in particular is very taken with this concept.

The Ukrainian company Lifestyle Camper builds very innovative small campers. We can view the compact vehicles on the stand at Caravan 2020. This type of camper was designed with the idea of lowering the inhibition threshold for spontaneous or short trips with a camper.

lifestyle camper model adventure Papendick Caravan Salon 2020
camping adventure Papendick Caravan Salon 2020 Dusseldorf

Compact lifestyle camper: no wider than a conventional car

Every owner of a usually large and heavy camper van is familiar with the preparatory work, which is not only laborious but also time-consuming. The compact Lifestyle Camper is different: the narrow vehicle is no wider than a conventional car, can be quickly pulled out of the garage and simply attached to the towing vehicle. Then fill up with water, pack drinks and food and you're ready to go. The integrated rear kitchen is equipped with a compressor cool box as well as a one or two-burner gas burner for cooking, depending on the model, and has a 60-liter water tank, which is 10 liters more capacity than many much larger vehicles have to offer. Inside, there is a comfortable, full-size bed including a slatted frame underneath measuring 1.40 m x 2 m and plenty of storage space thanks to a front storage box. Everything that a conventional caravan offers is therefore available - just compressed into a very small space.

MesseTV interview Carsten Papendick managing director Papendick Caravan Salon 2020
storage lifestyle camper camping adventure Papendick

The compact lifestyle camper is characterized by high flexibility. The area can be enlarged on site with various extension options such as awning, awning or rear tent. The rear tent can also accommodate a camping toilet, which cannot be installed in the camper itself, but can be fitted. With this equipment, the camper is not inferior to large motorhomes in terms of comfort.

compact camper sleeping area camping adventure Papendick
lifestyle camper kitchen camping adventure Papendick

Easier handling than large, heavy motorhomes

The unladen weight of the different models is between 520 and 560 kg. The permissible total weight of both versions is less than 750 kg, which makes an additional driving license superfluous. The original target group - young to middle-aged, financially well-off people with sporting ambitions who want to pursue their passion at the weekend - has surprisingly quickly been joined by the 55 to 70 age group. This age group now accounts for around 80% of users of the compact lifestyle camper. They appreciate the easier handling compared to large, heavy motorhomes. Especially when it comes to narrow passages, such as at construction sites, where the narrow design of the vehicle makes it unnecessary to worry about crossing the boundary lines.