Campwerk: iKamper Roof tent

Simply sleep on the roof of your car while on vacation? It's possible with the iKamper. Among other advantages, the roof tent seems to offer more comfort than pitching a tent on the ground. We were shown the iKamper roof tent at the Campwerk stand at the Caravan Salon 2020 in Düsseldorf. Assembly is quick and uncomplicated. Camping with a difference.

iKamper roof tent Campwerk Caravan Salon 2020 Dusseldorf
trade fair appearance Campwerk Caravan Salon 2020 Dusseldorf

At Caravan 2020, Campwerk will be presenting its iKamper roof tent, which has already been very well received by the market. Mr. Daniel Washofer from Campwerk informs us about the special features.

camping roof tent Campwerk
iKamper roof tent assembly Campwerk

iCamper SkyCamp can be set up in a sensational 30 seconds

An iCamper SkyCamp mounted on a bus can not only be dismantled in a sensational 30 seconds, it can also be set up very quickly. All it takes is 2 men to hoist the 76 kg tent onto the roof. The roof tent is attached to the roof with 4 screws, strapped down and is then ready for the journey. The iKamper Mini version with a weight of 56 kg is suitable for small vehicles and can be quickly and easily attached to the car roof, just like the large version.

roof tent iKamper interior Campwerk
MesseTV contribution Campwerk Caravan Salon Dusseldorf fair

Roof tents offer comfortable sleeping areas

The sleeping areas of the roof tents are between 2.10m x 1.90m for the ICamper Skycamp and 2.05m x 1.28m for the Skycamp Mini. Campwerk sees young people who want a little more space in the actual tent as well as families with 2-3 small children as the target group for airy camping. This exciting overnight accommodation option on the roof offers plenty of space as well as lots of fun. It also saves the hassle of pitching a tent on the ground at bedtime.