Weinsberg: Caravan CaraCito without gas

We take a closer look at Weinsberg's trade fair innovation at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf: the CaraCito caravan. A caravan without gas where you can do everything you need to run it by plugging it into the mains. The advantage of not having a gas system is that there is no need to swap and carry gas bottles. Simply plug it into the socket and off you go with all the functions in the caravan. The vehicle is always ready to go. This model is particularly advantageous for beginners.

CaraCito without gas Weinsberg Caravan Salon 2020 Dusseldorf
caravan with electricity Weinsberg

Use the connection to the power grid - no need to carry heavy gas cylinders

Weinsberg is presenting a new product at the Caravan Salon 2020 in Düsseldorf: The CaraCito, a caravan without gas. This model allows its users to use all the functions required for convenient operation simply by connecting it to a power supply. There is no need to lug around and swap heavy gas bottles.

caravan CaraCito without gas Weinsberg
sitting area caravan CaraCiro without gas Weinsberg

230-volt plug with power connection - all functions available in the caravan

At the trade fair stand, Mr. Florian Hopp from Knaus Tabbert AG explains how easy it is to prepare a CaraCito for travel. The caravan is simply plugged into the vehicle and both are ready to go. Connecting it to the power socket at home starts the fridge, and when you arrive at your vacation destination, all you have to do is reconnect the 230-volt plug to a power socket and all the functions are available again. It couldn't be more convenient. A forgotten gas tap or unfilled gas cylinders, which have spoiled many a vacation, don't matter - they are simply not needed. Thanks to the power connection, the CaraCito is always ready to go.

kitchen area CaraCito gas Weinsberg Caravan Salon
washbasin caravan CaraCiro without gas Weinsberg

This convenient solution is particularly appealing to customers who are starting out in caravanning. With such a mobile home, anyone can travel without much preparation. It is simply plugged in, used and put away again after the trip. Two different children's layouts and special family layouts are available for families. In addition, small touring caravans complete the portfolio of the CaraCito range, which can also be reliably transported to the destination with hybrid and electric vehicles.