Eila 5 star camping: Suite on wheels

Can camping also be luxury? This is definitely the case when camping with the 5-star suite on wheels from Eila. Here you reside in an impressive 35 square meters of living space. The truck-based camper is particularly popular with racing enthusiasts, but also with campers who demand a high level of comfort.

5 star camping suite bus Eila
luxury camping suite Eila Caravan Salon 2020

Camping in the absolute luxury class

At Caravan 2020, Eila will be showcasing camping in the absolute luxury class with the STX Eila Edition 1, which was developed in cooperation with Stafax on a truck basis and is an impressive 12 m long, 4 m high and 2.50 m wide. Kenzo Hobnitt from Eila Consulting GmbH explains that in the standing position, over 35 square meters of living space are achieved after the slide-outs are extended, and the width of the camper is almost 5 meters when extended.

sleeping area 5 star camping suite caravan Eila
sitting area 5 stars Camping Suite Eila

Facilities and space comparable to an upscale hotel suite

When designing the vehicle, it was important to Eila that the camping character associated with motorhomes gave way to a 5-star suite on wheels. And indeed, the interior is comparable to an upscale hotel suite in terms of equipment and space, be it in the shower with integrated heated towel rail or with tasteful pillows on the spacious double bed.

kitchen area 5 star camping suite Eila
35 square meter living space 5 star camping suite Eila
luxury camping Eila Caravan Salon 2020 Dusseldorf

Target group: Racing scene and campers with special requirements

For this luxury experience on a truck basis, the driver needs a class C driver's license. This can usually be obtained in 2 weeks. Mr. Hobnitt names the racing scene as well as campers with special requirements as the target group. Eila also provides buyers of the STX Eila Edition 1 with a list of suitable campsites throughout Europe.

bathroom 5 star camping suite on wheels Eila
shower 5 star camping suite Eila