The world of model railroads

Model trains have fascinated people for generations. The detailed reproduction of the railroad world in miniature format is a central purpose in life for real fans. The world of model building combines technology, history and the artistic design of railroads as a varied hobby. Here, creativity and technical understanding are encouraged and you can switch off from everyday life and immerse yourself completely in another world. Model railroad landscapes are not only about the realistically designed trains, but also the construction of the tracks and lovingly designed landscapes with buildings and scenes from everyday life. Here you can see articles and videos from leading manufacturers of model railroads and model building landscapes.

Model making miniature worlds Faller

Miniature worlds in the field of model making have been the specialty of the Faller company from the Black Forest for over 70 years. The company produ...
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Track 0 steam locomotives - Lenz

The Lenz company has been dedicated to building model railroads for 40 years. About 20 years ago, company founder Bernd Lenz, who initially came from ...
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LGB: cogwheel locomotive Furka mountain line

At LGB we see a locomotive that looks historic, but somehow also a little weird. It is a cogwheel locomotive from Switzerland - the Furka mountain lin...
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Märklin: 30 years retailer initiative

Märklin celebrates 30 years of retailer initiative. This means that from spring 2020, you will be able to purchase a very special version of the Vectr...
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Model trains Märklin

The world-famous traditional model train manufacturer Märklin has been producing model trains since the end of the 19th century. Originally founded in...
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Märklin model railroads

The hobby of model railroading or model trains accompanies many enthusiasts throughout their lives. We don't know whether the word Märklin is already ...
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Model train in a suitcase, NOCH

There really is a model train in a suitcase so that you can indulge your passion for trains while traveling. A high-quality product from the NOCH comp...
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NOCH: as in original in the original is the program of the specialist for model landscaping. The aim is to recreate things that exist in large scale as authentic...
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NOCH Model trains

The NOCH company is known for its high-quality model railway products, which are characterized by a truly detailed design and realistic landscaping. W...
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Gauges for model railroads

Track gauges play a central role in the world of model railroads. This is because the gauges determine the size and scale of the models. These gauges range from the tiny Z-gauge, a gauge that is ideal for very small spaces, to G-gauge, which can be found in large exhibitions or outdoor areas. Each gauge has its own fanbase and offers completely different possibilities for landscaping around the locomotives. The choice of gauge is ultimately a question of space, preferences and also financial possibilities.