Leiblein - Industrial water and wastewater treatment

Messe.TV meets with Jochen Baumann from Leiblein today. The company builds systems for industrial water and wastewater treatment. Another core competence is systems for the treatment of cooling lubricants. Today we are shown the ClearUp filter cart, which is particularly suitable for filtration and oil separation during turning and milling operations.

MesseTV Report Leiblein Industrial water and wastewater treatment
ClearUp filter cart Leiblein

Industrial water treatment and wastewater treatment

Leiblein GmbH is a medium-sized, family-run company that develops and builds systems for cleaning a wide range of wastewater. Based in Hardheim, the company also has many years of experience in the treatment of cooling lubricants. And it is precisely this plant that I am now taking a closer look at. Simone Dericks: Hello Mr. Baumann! Greetings to you! Mr. Baumann, you are from the company Leiblein. What does the company produce? Jochen Baumann: Leiblein produces filter systems for cooling lubricants. Treatment for washing water, for grinding oils, for honing oils. And the complete treatment: filtration, oil separation, disposal. Simone Dericks: Now we are standing here at this device. What exactly is it? Jochen Baumann: This is our ClearUp filter trolley. The trolley is equipped with unique vacuum technology, which means that the pump has no contact with the medium at all. It draws it in using vacuum technology and then pumps it onto our fleece filter. Here the whole thing is filtered and then runs into an internal tank, where the oil is also separated.

MesseTV Reporting Leiblein industrial wastewater treatment
Cooling lubrication technology ClearUp filter cart Leiblein

ClearUp filter trolley with vacuum technology

Information on the ClearUp 250 - Easy handling - Direct process adjustment possible - 100% dry-run safe - Mobile and compact design - Robust stainless steel construction Simone Dericks: And these are also the points where you as a company stand out from the competition? Jochen Baumann: This vacuum technology is unique on the market. It is one hundred percent dry-running safe. We don't have any particles that can get into our pump and cause wear. We don't have any of that. We work purely via air pressure and are therefore very low-wear and have no high follow-up costs. Simone Dericks: And the ClearUp filter trolley - can it be used in every process or are alternatives sometimes better? Jochen Baumann: The ClearUp itself is suitable for turning and milling, as I said for filtration and oil separation, which you can see here. (Opens the metal cap of the device and shows the underlying technology) Via an oil skimmer, which then removes the oil from the emulsion. Alternative filter variants are more suitable for grinding and honing as well as processing with oils and washing water. Simone Dericks: I'm very curious about that. These are the central systems from Leiblein. Let's just go over there and have a look. Jochen Baumann: Okay.

Clearup filter cart waste water treatment Leiblein
Clearup filter cart Leiblein before after comparison

Industrial filtration and sedimentation

Simone Dericks: What type of separation does the Leiblein company offer? Jochen Baumann: On the one hand, Leiblein offers this solid-liquid separation - where we work with filtration and sedimentation. And on the other hand, liquid-liquid separation, where the coalescence effect, tramp oil separation, etc. are the issues. are topics. Simone Dericks: Do you only manufacture stand-alone machines or do you also offer alternatives? Jochen Baumann: Centralized systems are actually our main area of business. Where we centralize systems, where 20 - 25 different individual processing machines are then supplied and supplied by a central system. The whole thing then runs back centrally. It is filtered, processed and then made available again using our own technology. Simone Dericks: And what special features characterize the Leiblein company? Jochen Baumann: We have the complete range of services in-house. We have design - planning - plant construction - service - assembly. This enables us to respond directly to the customer's requirements. We can adapt individual changes quickly and precisely. In other words, we can react quickly and individually to the customer.

ClearUp filter cart with oil skimmer Leiblein
MesseTV Interview Jochen Baumann Leiblein Development Sales

Simone Dericks: What does the future look like for you? Where does Leiblein see itself in 1-2 years? Jochen Baumann: Leiblein sees itself in central plant engineering. Do we want to become even stronger? Simply because I can then guarantee better filtration. I only have one place to check. That's a lot of advantages for the customer. In addition, Leiblein wants to become more international and of course increase its sales figures like any other company. Simone Dericks: Of course! Expansion is the word. Jochen Baumann: That's the topic, yes, exactly. Simone Dericks: I wish you good luck and a lot of success. Thank you for the interview.