Interview Jürgen Baldus, President FDPW

It all started in 1998 with 100 exhibitors - in 2016 there are more than 1,000 companies exhibiting their products and services at GrindTec, the world's leading trade fair for grinding technology. Jürgen Baldus, President of the Fachverband Deutscher Präzisions-Werkzeugschleifer (FDPW) talks to Messeblick.TV presenter Simone Dericks about the development of GrindTec, the Augsburg location and much more. The FDPW is the content sponsor of the trade fair - so what is the first day of the fair like for Mr. Baldus? Find out in our trade fair TV!

MesseTV reporting FDPW GrindTec Augsburg
MesseTV FDPW President Juergen Baldus GrindTec

FDPW: Association of German Precision Tool Grinders

Simone Dericks Mr. Baldus, I'm delighted to have you here for an interview today! What is the first day of the trade fair normally like for you? Jürgen Baldus: I would simply say stressful. We open the fair at 10 o'clock in the morning. Then we do the welcoming speeches, go on a tour of the trade fair and have lunch at around 1 - 2 pm. Yes, and then it's delegation after delegation, as it is again today. We have a full program until this evening. Simone Dericks But you've already had a look around. What are the dominant trends at Grindtec 2016 this year? Jürgen Baldus: We are currently standing here at a stand dedicated to Industry 4.0. I think that's something really crucial - and it's already been mentioned in the speeches this morning - all of our colleagues in the grinding technology sector are involved in this and will have to make a big effort in the coming years. Simone Dericks Grindtec is now in its tenth year. How satisfied are you with the development? Jürgen Baldus: The development is actually terrific. We would never have dreamed of it. We started with 100 exhibitors back in 1998 and now we have 577! With 4,000 square meters at the beginning - now over 40,000! So that's actually a highlight. Simone Dericks What is so special about Grindtec, or let's put it this way, what distinguishes this trade fair from others? Jürgen Baldus: This trade fair was actually created for tool grinders. That was its origin. But grinding is very important in the automotive industry, in the major industries, whether aircraft construction or shipbuilding, and that has led to an increase in additional exhibitors. Everything has remained the same: Peripheral grinding but also grinding in a larger dimension, not only tool grinding but also internal grinding, external grinding, honing, everything we do today! Simone Dericks And how important is the Augsburg location for this trade fair? Jürgen Baldus: Well, we are actually delighted with Augsburg. First of all, it's well connected. We have the airport in Munich, we have a shuttle. Augsburg is of course also located in a very good economic center. So Augsburg is ideal for us.

MesseTV reporting Juergen Baldus President FDPW interview with moderator Simone Dericks
MesseTV Moderator Simone Dericks Interview FDPW GrindTec Augsburg

Simone Dericks How good are you at sanding in your private life? Jürgen Baldus: I have a company of 40 people and we work in the wood, plastics and metal sector and this trade fair has also enabled us to develop very well as a company because you get to know a lot of people here who have actually shown you the way. Simone Dericks Mr. Baldus, to conclude, how relieved are you when a trade fair like this is over or how do you feel then? Jürgen Baldus: Then you're really exhausted, yes. I'm here for a week from Sunday to Sunday, we're involved in setting up, we're also on hand to help and advise our customers and exhibitors and that goes on for a week. By then you're tired and exhausted, but it's still a lot of fun and I think that's the most important thing. And there's something in it for everyone! Simone Dericks Yes, and I wish you the same fun this year at Grindtec 2016. And I wish you every success and a great trade fair, thank you. Thank you very much.