Elevators and stairlifts

Elevators and stairlifts are crucial aids for vertical mobility in buildings or at train stations. They enable people with limited mobility to negotiate steps or entire floors safely and comfortably. Whereas elevators offer fast transportation between different floors. Stairlifts can usually be retrofitted directly to the stairs to provide barrier-free access to the next level. You can find more information on elevators and stairlifts in our articles and videos on elevator and elevator manufacturers.

Retrofittable elevators - ASCENDOR LIFT TECHNOLOGY

ascendor LIFTTECHNIK specializes in retrofittable lifts. At interlift 2023, the company will be presenting a new shaftless lift, among other things.
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Exclusive mini elevator - EMAK ELEVATOR

The company EMAK ELEVATOR offers elevators. At interlift 2023, the company will be showcasing a luxurious mini elevator.
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Platform stairlift - Ganser Lift systems

Ganser Liftsysteme offers vertical lifts and platform stairlifts. A stairlift with a very narrow design will be presented at interlift 2023.
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Accessibility platform stairlift - Lehner Lift technology

At Lehner Lifttechnik, we talk about accessibility in the home. At interlift 2023, the company will be showing us a platform stairlift.
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Elevator construction for elevator systems - Thoma elevators

Thoma Aufzüge is actually a manufacturer of special systems, but will be presenting standardized systems at interlift 2023.
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What accessibility means

Accessibility means designing the living environment in such a way that it is easily reachable and accessible for all people - regardless of physical or sensory limitations. This also includes access to buildings or means of transportation. Accessibility ensures the participation of all people in social life.

What tasks does an elevator perform

Elevators are transportation systems in buildings that enable people to travel comfortably and safely across one or more floors. They are a core element of modern architecture. An elevator increases comfort and accessibility in residential buildings, office buildings, public facilities and, of course, hotels. Today, there are even elevator systems that can be retrofitted. Elevators are also important in transportation areas. At train stations, for example, so that people with walking disabilities can get to the platform independently and without any problems.

What tasks does a stairlift perform

Stairlifts are an innovative and important development. They enable many people with physical disabilities to climb stairs. This means that people can often remain living independently in their home for a long time in old age. In a stairlift, a seat or platform is guided along a rail. This runs parallel to the steps. This assistance significantly improves the quality of life for many people. Compared to an elevator, installation is significantly cheaper and can usually be carried out quite easily at a later date.