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The chairless chair from noonee is certainly a very interesting product for anyone who has to keep changing their workstation during assembly work. There is no chair in the way and yet you have good support when working to protect your back. The clever concept with various straps ensures an ergonomic posture and prevents premature fatigue. CEO Lars Schilling explains exactly how it works to Messe.TV presenter Felix Rother at the Hannover Messe.

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Chairless Chair: Sitting without a chair from Noonee

Noonee has created the Chairless Chair. This is a mechatronic device that makes work easier. It provides support for physically demanding work and frequent changes of position, for example in the pre-assembly area. It can be used to work at different heights. The back remains straight and the joints are relieved. Productivity, i.e. productivity, can be maintained throughout the day. The chairless chair is firmly attached to the body at several points. This is where the hip belt comes in. You have a shoulder strap, which is individually adjusted to the respective user. There is also a shoe connector so that the exoskeleton is fully attached to the user.

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Chairless chair a mechatronic device to make work easier

Sit, stand or walk flexibly. Posture is improved throughout the day. Relieving the muscles is not what ergonomists are aiming for. Instead, the aim is to avoid fatigue and maintain a healthy posture throughout the day. Despite the support, you still have to control your body, but you can move it freely with the chairless chair. The seat height is determined individually.

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MesseTV Interview noonee Lars Schilling Hannover Fair

For which areas is this chair intended? Anywhere where people work in changing sitting positions. It has proven its worth in industry, in the automotive sector, in assembly logistics and in the furniture sector. The prototype has already been developed and refined in collaboration with Audi, BMW and Daimler. The result will now be presented at the Hannover Messe.