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If many modules are to work together, as is the case with the Smarty Factory, then standards are needed. Harting is focusing on Industry 4.0 and is working on testing new technologies and setting standards. Now that many manufacturers have developed a solution, standardization is essential - because the production plant of the future is modular and can only work with uniform standards. An Infrastructure Box and the Han-Modular connector play an important role in this. Find out more in our video from the Hannover Messe!

HAN Connectors Harting Hanover Fair
MesseTV Reporting Hannover Fair Harting Connectors and Network Components

Connectors + network components from Harting - Smart Factory

How do Harting and connectors fit together? Harting is very committed to Industry 4.0. The Smart Factory is an innovative association that brings different companies together. New technologies are tested there and common standards are set with partners. Solutions are being worked on in many Smart Factory working groups. The joint solution is shown in the demonstrator and then fed into a standardization process.

Backbone Harting Hannover Fair
Infrastructure Box Harting Hannover Fair

A highly flexible system will be modular in the future. Uniform standards are used to bring different modules together. These individual modules are encapsulated. Connecting only works if the interfaces are standardized. Harting is regarded as the interface and connector expert for this. When building modules, you need a connection to the lifelines. To data, signal and power. This backbone keeps the entire Smartfactory running. Each module has a module interface via which it is connected to the infrastructure.

MesseTV Reporting Smart Factory Industry 4 0 Hannover Fair
MesseTV Interview Harting Andreas Huhmann Hannover Fair

A backbone has connectivity connections, and inputs for controlling the software can be made via the infrastructure box. The HAN modular connector has become the standard for the smart factory. In addition to Ethernet, the connector is also used to transmit power, compressed air and other signals.

Smart Factory Harting Hanover Fair
Standardization Process Module Construction Harting Hannover Fair

As Harting sees itself as an enabler of Integrated Industry, it uses the Smart Factory to find the best solution for Industry 4.0 together with other manufacturers. The HAN modular connector is universally included in all modules. The competition also uses it because it has proven to be the backbone of the industry. This gives us the opportunity to further develop and test technologies and set standards.