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Suddenly losing control of the car even though you haven't made a mistake? A horrible idea, but unfortunately quite conceivable. Many people assume that we are talking about autonomous vehicles, but that is not the case. Driver assistance systems also work with software that can be hacked. IBM is presenting security software at the Hannover Messe that is designed to prevent exactly that. Our presenter Felix Rother sits down in the driving simulator to see what could happen. See for yourself!

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IoT safety software - IBM driver assistance systems

Hackers can intervene in the vehicle electronics of cars and then disable them. This can even be done simultaneously on any number of vehicles. IBM has created security software for this purpose. The lane, braking, speed function and other vehicle electronics can be hacked individually or together. This danger not only affects autonomous vehicles, but also those that are already in the garage and have over 100 control units. Each of these control assistants contains control software. The software is flashed in real time and the update is installed via the internet or the communication provided by the car. If someone hacks in at this point, it becomes dangerous.

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IBM has been providing security solutions in the business-to-business sector, in the classic IoT environment, for almost a hundred years. This concept is moving into new business areas such as the Internet of Things. IBM is working on the security architecture for this in order to combat threats with targeted security components. Security architecture means placing the different automotive manufacturers on a common level at the level of individual software solutions, some of which are incompatible with each other. Encryption, authentication and authorization will take place at this level.

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Vehicles delivered before 2012 cannot be said to be 100% safe. The safety level is relatively high. There is no such thing as 100% security in any system. The threshold is set so high that it is no longer worthwhile for attackers. At the moment, individual components of the security software are already in use. The complete package, which covers all data flows and control units, is not yet on the market. IBM is working closely with car manufacturers and key automotive suppliers. Driver assistance systems and autonomous driving are particularly susceptible to attacks. IBM must not only start from the status quo, but also take into account threats that will only arise in five years' time. However, there will also be additional updates in the future.