Interview Peter Kazander, exhibition manager LogiMAT

There is a lot to do to ensure that everything runs smoothly at the start of the trade fair. Messe.TV talks to Peter Kazander, the trade fair director of LogiMAT 2016. The first day is over and presenter Klas Bömecke finds out in an interview whether Peter Kazander, the trade fair director, is satisfied with the result. There was definitely a lot of activity in the exhibition halls - our film team was able to experience this live on site.

Interview with Peter Kazander, Exhibition Director LogiMAT

Klas Bömecke: Mr. Kazander, the first day of LogiMAT is drawing to a close. How did you experience it? Peter Kazander: It was a great day, like every first day of the trade fair. Excitement, fun and yet a surprise. Excitement as to whether everything worked out in advance... fun when it did and surprise at how many people came - to see if it worked. Klas Bömecke: Did it work out? Did you have enough fun? Peter Kazander: Yes, it worked like a charm. We finished setting up in the hall on time. There was still a lot of work going on last night, but it was up and running this morning. And the flow of visitors was excellent today - you have to have fun. Klas Bömecke: Okay. Yes, it was packed I would say. What would you say is special about LogiMAT? Peter Kazander: There is a very positive atmosphere here. This is probably because we have never tried to create a trade fair that is purely about image and show effects. Right from the start, we tried to create a trade fair where projects are realized. Where people talk about solutions and problems. It's a working trade fair and that goes down well with the exhibitors because the bottom line is that the exhibitors only want to be here because they want to sell products. They want to earn money. Trade fairs are expensive and as organizers we have to take responsibility and give them the opportunity to earn money.

MesseTV Moderator Klas Boemecke with Fair Manager Peter Kazander
Peter Kazander Fair Manager LogiMAT Stuttgart

Klas Bömecke: How is LogiMAT developing? You get the impression that logistics is actually an industry that is moving forward. If only because of eCommerce. Then the trade fair should actually be growing too, right? Peter Kazander: Yes, it does. We started 40 years ago with 156 exhibitors and now we have 1280. We have become much more international, of course, also here at the Stuttgart exhibition center - a trade fair with its own airport, which almost nobody has. That is definitely an advantage - yes, we are growing. We are growing from year to year. Growth in terms of space has never been our goal. We want to offer our visitors variety: a wide range of products, systems and solutions for companies. As more and more visitors come, so do the exhibitor requests: for a slightly larger stand area. Sometimes a seating area more - sometimes a meter here, sometimes a meter there - that also increases the space, but our first goal is more content! Klas Bömecke: If it's already good, that's great, but of course it can always be a bit better, probably also from your side. Where would you like to see LogiMAT go in the next five years? Peter Kazander: Well, from the current perspective, my wish is that it doesn't go anywhere, that it stays here in Stuttgart. This means that we have now occupied the entire exhibition grounds. That is the case for now, but Messe Stuttgart was kind enough to start building Hall 10. So that will also be available to us from 2018 and then I think we will have reached the limit for the site here at some point with over 1500 exhibitors. But, as I said, it's not about the space, it's about the content and I want the exhibitors to bring innovations to Stuttgart in the future as well as this year so that we can offer visitors a benefit, because that's our job.

MesseTV Reporting about LogiMAT Stuttgart
MesseTV Interview Peter Kazander Stuttgart

Klas Bömecke: As the man in the background, you are not a logistics expert but a trade fair specialist. Has the organization of LogiMAT significantly changed your attitude or your know-how about logistics? Peter Kazander: Now I have to disappoint you! I'm not a trade fair specialist, I'm a logistician. I've done logistics all my life in all different areas and 14 years ago I said, "Okay, if you think I can do trade fairs, then I'll give it a try". That's probably the reason why I'm doing it differently. That I do it my own way. I'm not a fair man, I never learned it. Klas Bömecke: You see, I've now been completely put on the spot. (Laughs) Peter Kazander: Nenene, people often say that, but that's why I can do a logistics trade fair at this level, because I've done nothing but logistics all my life. Klas Bömecke: Well, of course you've come to the right place. Peter Kazander: Yes. Klas Bömecke: And what's it like after such a finished trade fair, after so much work? Are you still a bit glad that it's over? Peter Kazander: Yes and no. Of course it's a shame when it's over. We have a very peculiar job. We're actually "too stupid to look straight ahead", we need 362 days to get 3 up and running and that's really true. Here at the trade fair, we're talking about 2016, but next week 2017 is already in full swing and we're already at the next trade fair. Klas Bömecke: Then I wish you lots of fun and every success in preparing for 2017. Peter Kazander: Thank you very much!