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Connecting a scanner system to an existing computer system without a lot of effort and programming - is that really possible? What's more, the scanner talks to you and communicates information or errors instead of just beeping. Advanced PANMOBIL Systems promises all this. Messe.TV talks to Managing Director Peter Schmidt and finds out what the devices can do and what makes them so special.

MesseTV Interview Advanced Panmobil Systems Managing Director Peter Schmidt Stuttgart
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If you want to integrate a scanner system into an existing computer network, you need time, money and patient programmers. It's usually not that easy! But that should all be history, because now there is a scanning system that works on the plug-and-play principle and can do much more than just beep. Klas Bömecke: Mr. Schmidt, you make these fancy little scanners, but they're not just pretty, they can do a lot more than just beep, right? Peter Schmidt: That's right! Because beeping is the classic way of saying scanned, scanned well, scanned wrong. That means many employees who are in the same room - at the checkout, for example - it beeps there and it beeps there and nobody knows whether it's the product I've just scanned or not. Why doesn't it make a real sound or talk to me? Or tell me, watch out, you've just done something wrong or this is your next operation or you're being warned or you're standing out - what I've just said - from your neighbor.

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Barcode RFID Scanner Advanced Panmobil Systems

Klas Bömecke: That means your scanner can talk! Peter Schmidt: Our scanner can talk, that's absolutely right. Klas Bömecke: If it reads an RFID tag like this... (Klas scans) Peter Schmidt: It beeps, you see, and now take this one. This is the time before speaking. This is the time after speaking - if you read it now. Klas tries the scanner - scanner says stop Klas Bömecke: Oh, it says stop! Scanner says please confirm Peter Schmidt: You are told very clearly, even in every language - so if you were to take something down here now, you would speak Russian, Italian, Spanish - that means completely independent of the employee, guiding him specifically to the work. The aim is to be error-free. Klas Bömecke: And you can provide these scanners with the information that every customer needs. Peter Schmidt: Yes! The scanners are complete Linux PCs that have up to 32 gigabytes of memory, which means you can store music files here - you know this from your cell phone - but that's nonsensical, we're here at LogiMAT. Here you can have instructions in all languages, such as fill shelf 7 place 3, or remove this part, or the name was wrong or other information from the device. Either like this or via headphones or via Bluetooth to a headphone transmission.

MesseTV Report Advanced Panmobil Systems Managing Director Peter Schmidt 2016
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Klas Bömecke: And can I also control this from a central location? Peter Schmidt: Yes, of course you can connect the devices - and this is a key point and a key advantage of the devices - the application to all systems, whether they are warehouse logistics systems, SAP systems or Navision via FTP via TCPIP - all modern combinations and application options are possible. You don't have to write any software - we can see that so fantastically here on our monitors - programming was yesterday, scanning is today. You don't have to call meetings, you don't have to do proof-of-contacts. Once you have this device in your hand, you can connect it to your computer here on site and immediately enter the following in a screen that pops up: I would like to have the data entered into SAP, I have to enter the 3-4 parameters and that's it. That means you scan here and have the connection to the server to the data end point, to your logistics system. Everything you need is here.

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Klas Bömecke: Mr. Schmidt, that sounds like an extremely simple solution. Why didn't anyone think of it before? Peter Schmidt: Yes, I wonder the same thing. The reason why nobody thought of it was because there was no need for it. But they said you buy a scanner that reads barcodes and our software department does the rest. Adapting it to certain logistics systems or whatever is available in the company. We have said that all the work behind it, which is actually much more complex than a scanner - the software integration costs ten times what the scanner costs and we simply add another 5% to the costs because the basic material is more expensive and actually integrate the middleware that is written into the system. So plug it in, set it up and you're done. Klas Bömecke: All right, then I wish you all the best!