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ACD Elektronik specializes in mobile devices for warehousing and logistics. As the ACD Group manufactures in Germany, individual customer wishes can also be implemented very well. Messe.TV met sales manager Florian Stützle to find out more about mobile devices, terminals and the mobile workstation.

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Mobile workstation - mobile terminals

The ACD Group is a niche provider in the field of mobile devices for warehousing and logistics and they have a huge advantage. They develop and manufacture everything in Germany. This means that they can of course react very flexibly to all customer requirements. Klas Bömecke: Mr. Stützle, this is the "always with you device", so to speak! Florian Stützle: Yes, exactly. We are presenting the device for the first time at this trade fair. You can get it in two different keyboard versions, it's the little brother of our M260. Klas Bömecke: Oh yes, that's quite a big one! Florian Stützle: Yes, exactly.

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Klas Bömecke: Yes, I only want to have it in my hand when I really need everything it has to offer! Florian Stützle: Yes, exactly. We are much more flexible here, which means that you can purchase this device from us with a handle, without a handle, with a long range scanner with UHF reading units, HFLF, depending on what you need. Klas Bömecke: That means it's slimmed down but it's still relatively flexible? Florian Stützle: Yes, I would say that I can cover around 90% of the requirements in logistics with this device. I can read my barcodes here with a 1D scanner and with 2D, i.e. with an image. I have different keyboard variants and yes, in the end I have it with me and can cover my entire incoming goods department right through to picking and outgoing goods. Klas Bömecke: So where can I find your devices? Of course, probably in large warehouses in the pockets of employees, but also in supermarkets, right? Florian Stützle: You can also find the appliances in the supermarket, i.e. in the store. We're doing very well there, we're actually the market leader in the German discounter sector and ultimately this device can also be used in store logistics.

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Mobile workplace: solutions for the logistics industry

Klas Bömecke: They have something else on their stand and that's at the back. Both change the trade fair area to a mobile workstation Klas Bömecke: That's a completely different order of magnitude. Florian Stützle: Yes, the mobile workstation. It's been our perennial favorite for over 10 years. We actually take it to all kinds of trade fairs in the logistics environment. The difference now compared to these small mobile data collection devices is that I have the option of displaying the applications - the warehouse management software, for example - on a larger scale. I have 230 volts on board. I am flexible, partially flexible with this trolley. Mainly in incoming goods, quality assurance, these are the areas of application for this trolley and it can also be configured differently depending on the application. This means that the customer can purchase different performance classes. So in terms of power, laser printers, terminals and so on - they also need a certain amount of power and I can tap into 230 volts directly here. That means I am independent of the voltage, I can move around, I am partially flexible in a certain area. And I can work very comfortably here with a large display option.

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Klas Bömecke: Does that mean I can actually carry my own mobile office around with me? Florian Stützle: Exactly. And we always have 230 volts on board. Klas Bömecke: And I can configure it exactly to my needs. Florian Stützle: Yes, you can ultimately configure these add-on parts such as drawer systems, scanner holders, interchangeable battery system online, which then also changes graphically. You can follow this, just like in the automotive industry when you configure your car yourself, and yes, you get the right offer from us. Klas Bömecke: Okay. So where are you heading in the future? Florian Stützle: Of course, we would like to develop this product further, through such systems, let's say the electronics are also developing forwards. That means we also want to offer our customers this added value and I've already said that we've had the car in our range for over 10 years and have added some new feature every year. We have constantly increasing sales figures. Klas Bömecke: It will probably have a drone on board at some point. Florian Stützle: Probably yes. Klas Bömecke: I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what you show next year, thank you for giving me an insight this year.