Wristwatches with a great design

Wristwatches are often much more than just timepieces for the wearer. Watches with an extraordinary design can be true works of art on the wrist. Special materials and innovative shapes reflect the creativity and skill of watch manufacturers. We show you a large selection of watch models. From classic mechanical watches to modern smartwatches.

Aristo Vollmer watches

With her visit to Aristo Vollmer at Inhorgenta 2016 in Munich, Messe.TV presenter Jenny Dettner meets two traditional companies in the watchmaking sec...
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Bruno Söhnle – watches Glashütte

Anyone who chooses a watch from Bruno Söhnle attaches great importance to high quality and this is also delivered. But does the company follow the cur...
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CASIO watches collection Edifice

The CASIO watches in the Edifice collection are somewhat more elegant. However, a dynamic and modern stainless steel look is not all that is on offer....
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CASIO watches collection G-Shock + G-Steel

The G-Shock from CASIO is a true classic that most people are familiar with. But here, too, the watch manufacturer is constantly working on optimizati...
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CASIO watches - Pro Trek Smartwatch

As a big player, CASIO naturally also has something to offer in the smartwatch sector. The watches in the Pro Trek collection run on Android and have ...
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Holzkern – wooden watches

Holzkern will be presenting wooden wristwatches at Inhorgenta. There is a large selection of woods and also beautiful combinations with a gemstone dia...
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Junghans watch factory – FORM & MEISTER DRIVER

Hardly any other company stands for quality in watches like Junghans. We visit the watch manufacturer with tradition at Inhorgenta 2017 and are shown ...
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Komono – Watches made from slate

Lifestyle and design play a key role in connection with watches. At Komono, we see a wristwatch lying on a slate stone. This is not just decoration. T...
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Polar sport- and smartwatch M600

Sports watches and smartwatches are also a big topic at Ispo. Managing Director Thomas Seifert introduces us to the M600, a watch that is both a sport...
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Brief profiles of leading watch manufacturers

Bruno Söhnle

Bruno Söhnle watches stand for the elegance and precision of German watchmaking. The wristwatches offer a harmonious balance between technical performance and aesthetic design. The meticulous workmanship and attention to even the smallest details ensure a large number of fans of the craftsmanship from Glashütte.



Casio watches are known worldwide for their robust reliability and innovative functions. The wristwatches have a corresponding fan base among adventurers and technology enthusiasts. With classic digital watches as well as the advanced G-Shock models, Casio offers an impressive variety of watches.



Junghans watches stand for an impressive combination of German precision and aesthetic minimalism. The company looks back on a long tradition and has produced many timeless masterpieces of watchmaking. Clear design and technical sophistication. Watches with an understated, sophisticated style.



Polar watches are leaders in sports and fitness technology and offer wearers detailed insights into their sporting activity and health. Both amateur and competitive athletes benefit from the innovative functions such as heart rate measurement even on the wrist, GPS tracking and personalized training instructions.