Wellness at home: the new wellness trend

A vacation in a wellness hotel is probably the best thing you can do for yourself. Both body and soul benefit from a wellness stay. Relaxing massages, regeneration in the sauna or simply reading a good book: After a wellness vacation, you feel like you've been reborn. Unfortunately, you often don't have the time to book one. The solution: create your own little wellness oasis at home.

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You don't even need a lot of space for this. An infrared cabin, for example, can even be accommodated in a small cellar. If you have more space or are even planning a complete wellness area, a private pool is recommended. We'll tell you what you need to look out for when setting up your wellness area and what the advantages of a sauna, infrared cabin and whirlpool are.

Your own pool in the house or garden

Having your own pool is the dream of many people. If there is enough space, it doesn't have to remain a pipe dream. The only question is: integrate the pool into the house or plan it in the garden? If you opt for the garden, we definitely recommend a model that can also be used in winter. Of course, there are a few more things to consider with your own pool for your wellness area than with a sauna or whirlpool. If you plan to install it in the garden, it may require planning permission. A swimming pool with a usable volume of up to 50 cubic meters, on the other hand, generally does not require a permit. This corresponds to a length of eight meters, a width of four meters and a depth of 1.5 meters.

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Pools available in many designs

Probably the most common reason why most people shy away from a pool for their wellness area is the purchase price. This is significantly higher than for a sauna or infrared cabin. Depending on which model and equipment you choose, you may have to budget for several thousand euros. You should also bear in mind the follow-up costs for cleaning agents, maintenance work and, of course, the water if you want to call a pool your own. Nevertheless, a pool is of course a real luxury: in summer, you can cool off wonderfully here and do your laps.

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Would you like to test the benefits of a pool first and not opt for a brick-built model straight away? Pools that can be set up are available on the market as an alternative, as are cold tubs and steel edge tubs. These models are available for comparatively little money. No matter which model you choose: When choosing a pool for your garden, make sure it is in a semi-shaded or sunny location. This guarantees that the water heats up quickly in summer. As with a sauna, your pool must also have connections for water and electricity.

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The sauna for your home: what you should look out for

The sauna is what most of us associate with a relaxing spa day. After all, sweating is not only incredibly relaxing, but also has numerous positive effects on our health. Saunas for home use are no longer unsightly wooden blocks. Instead, with a home sauna, for example from the manufacturer Klafs, you can bring a dreamlike design object into your wellness oasis. These are far too good to hide away in the cellar.

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This is why saunas are nowadays even visibly integrated into the living area. The advantage of placing your home sauna visibly in the living area: You will find that you will use it much more often. Do you have a large bathroom? Then there's nothing to stop you placing the sauna here. The advantage: you can quickly take a cold shower after your sauna. A sauna house in your own garden is of course also recommended. Bear in mind that there must be connections for electricity and water for a sauna. You should also make sure that loungers are placed near the sauna so that you can relax after your sauna session.

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Saunas are very popular

Taking a sauna in the traditional Finnish sauna at 80 to 90 degrees Celsius and a humidity of only 10 to 20 percent is definitely beneficial for your health. A maximum of three sauna sessions lasting up to 20 minutes are recommended. The interplay of hot and cold strengthens the immune system, flushes toxins out of the body and ensures relaxed muscles.

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Sauna with seating and reclining area

According to statistics, around 32 million Germans regularly go to the sauna. If you are an ambitious sauna-goer, a sauna for home use is definitely recommended. Regular sauna sessions toughen your body and make you more resistant to illness.

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A whirlpool bath and its benefits

The hot tub is another popular way to create your own personal wellness area at home. If there is no space for a large pool, the hot tub is definitely a good alternative. The advantage: you can also use it during the cold season. The whirlpool is characterized by the many jets that provide the pleasant bubbles in the whirlpool. This whirlpool system is comparable to a pleasant massage. So if you often suffer from tension or back pain, spending time in a whirlpool can provide relief. Statistics have shown that just 15 minutes a day in a whirlpool can reduce stress hormones in the body.

Whirlpool for the outdoor area
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But that's not all: if you suffer from disc or sciatica problems or have trouble falling asleep, a hot tub can also help you. All joints and ligaments as well as the spine are relieved by the buoyancy in the water. Many people find the selective massage effect in the bubbling water particularly pleasant. The pleasant relaxation in the bubbling water also helps with problems falling asleep. Do you want to bring your stress levels back down to normal after a hard day's work? The whirlpool will do just that.

Whirlpool filled with water
Whirlpool for the wellness area

Whirlpools are available for indoor and outdoor use

Whirlpools are available for both indoor and outdoor use. If you opt for an outdoor model, the same location conditions apply as for a pool. Place your hot tub on as level a surface as possible and, if possible, not directly next to trees. As a filled pool can weigh several tons, the surface must of course be suitably stable. Before buying, be sure to take a look at the nozzles installed. There are air and water jets as well as a combination of both. The less air is added to the water jet, the harder the water jet will be. If you prefer the most intensive massage possible, choose this type of model.

Swimming spa with counter current system
Whirlpool with waterfall
Whirlpool with many massage jets
Whirlpool for several people

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The infrared cabin as an ideal alternative to the sauna

The infrared cabin is the alternative for anyone who finds the sauna too hot. Also known as an infrared sauna or heat cabin, the temperatures here are much more bearable than in a sauna. The temperature can be set between 30 and 60 degrees Celsius, which is only about half that of a classic sauna. Nevertheless, the infrared cabin is also proven to be good for your health. If you want to relax, you will enjoy your visit to the infrared sauna.

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Unlike in a classic sauna, the heat here is applied directly to the skin thanks to ceramic or full-surface radiators. The soft and gentle heat in the infrared cabin supports blood circulation and ensures that harmful substances are removed. Pain can be relieved, tension released and happiness hormones released. The effect is therefore very similar to that of a classic sauna. If you choose a temperature that is not too high, you can extend your stay in the infrared cabin for up to an hour.

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The advantages of the infrared cabin are obvious

The infrared sauna is therefore ideal for a wellness day at home. Similar to the classic home sauna, infrared cabins are made of solid wood. You will often find various additional features such as LED colour light therapy or an ionizer with fragrance function. Even a music system is available in modern cabins, so you don't have to do without your favorite music while sweating. Infrared cabins for domestic use are available in a wide range of sizes. A small model for one person requires a floor space of just 90 x 90 centimetres and can therefore be accommodated in the smallest wellness area. If you have more space and would like to celebrate your wellness day together with friends, you can also find infrared cabins that offer space for up to six people. The main advantages of the infrared cabin are obvious: people with heart or circulatory problems find their stay here much more pleasant. Another plus point is that an infrared cabin has lower operating costs than a sauna. As it takes less time to heat up, the electricity costs are lower. So if the financial aspect also plays a role when furnishing your wellness area, an infrared cabin should be your first choice.

Infrared cabin with wood slats and glass
Bench infrared cabin
Large infrared cabin for several persons
Infrared cabin with lying areas

Design wellness area according to personal preferences

Swimming pools and saunas are usually full, especially in the cold season. Are you tired of sitting in a sauna crowded together with strangers? Then get your own sauna at home. Or perhaps you prefer the gentler option of an infrared cabin? Ultimately, your personal preferences will determine how you design your wellness area. Your current level of fitness and health will also play a role. The very high heat in a sauna is not suitable for everyone. People with heart or circulatory problems, acute inflammation or kidney problems should prefer to visit the infrared cabin. Your budget and available space are further criteria that play a role when planning your wellness area in your own four walls. But even with limited space and a small budget, wellness at home can be realized.